Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Rose Davidson – Be Kind to others

Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Rose Davidson – Be Kind to others

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Roe Davidson (@rosedavidson_speakersupport) .She is a mature aged, young at heart woman (a little on the eccentric side). She has a ‘no-nonsense no ‘fluff’ attitude however, a kind and caring heart and personality to match. Sounds like a bit of a paradox but explains her perfectly.

After more than 35 years in high-level administrative roles in the corporate world, Rose started her business, DOES Biz, in 2015, promoting the administrative services that she could provide female entrepreneurs; however, this did not light her up. In 2020, Rose changed the direction of her business as her passion ultimately lies in being visually creative.

She now offers services that fulfill this passion by creating PowerPoint presentations and promotional videos speakers, coaches, and other business owners. Rose is a published co-author of the Amazon #1 International bestseller, ‘She Is Magic, Always’. She is also the podcast host of ‘Talking with the Experts’, which she started in July 2020. ‘Talking with the Experts’ is all about business, by business owners for business owners.


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Miko Santos (00:00):

Welcome to the tribe podcast under Ausdpod Syndicate . How are you today?

Rose Davidson (01:52):

I’m very well, thank you for asking me to come on.

Miko Santos (03:13):

Thank you so much for your time as well. Rose. I know it’s been busy nowadays, even it’s pandemic. We have a lot of work running through getting busy because of the pandemic because everyone is doing virtual event doing, um, work from home. So have been, we’ve been busy because of that and we never expected it to be like that own and to our listeners as well. Can you tell us about yourself?

Rose Davidson (03:48):

Well, I am I guess a mature aged entrepreneur. I started my business, you know, later in life. I was you entered in, tried, I have worked in the corporate field as a in the admin, in admin roles for like more than 35 years. And quite honestly, I got really tired of working for somebody else. And I’ve thought I’ve got all these great skills. I’ve always great knowledge. And I’d been in contact with some female, um, you know, business owners, you know, why don’t you teach your skills to those out there that are just starting up? So that’s what I decided to do.

Rose Davidson (04:36):

However, in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, I decided I was going to pivot my business because doing admin work where I wasn’t, it just wasn’t fun anymore. So I decided that I’d start doing PowerPoint presentations and making promotional videos for small business owners and speakers. And just as I was getting into that, then the pandemic hit last year. So it was an opportunity time to actually work with speakers and consultants and coaches, because a lot of them couldn’t do in-person events any longer. So I could help them get their events online, their offline events online. So that’s been quite an interesting journey. And, yeah, a lot of them were a bit afraid at the beginning because, you know, they were, not very tech savvy and they you know, didn’t have that skills on speaking to camera because most of them hadn’t done it before.

Rose Davidson (05:35):

And I think, you know, speaking to camera’s a lot different than speaking to them, you know, patient person face to face, but it isn’t really, it’s pretty much the same. So, yeah. So that’s how my new new business started and yeah, I’m doing very well. And then in July, I started talking with the experts because I could see a lot of business owners were not doing so well, I guess, you know, they didn’t know how to change their business around. So I thought, well, why about why not get some global business leaders together and discuss with them ways that they could help small business? And so that’s happened and I’ve just recorded my hundred and 50th episode since July last year. So I’m pretty happy with that. And yeah, that’s so that’s my up-to-date pretty much so how

Miko Santos (06:48):

How important is the video for promotional for a small business. ?

Rose Davidson (06:54):

Because everything’s online pretty much now. And video promotion is pretty important for any small business, speaker consultant cards, or just the general small business owner. it gets more eyes on your business and, you know, then you have to be 20 to 30 seconds long. As you know, you posted on social media in your, in a group or on your page or, or whatever, and on your personal profile even. And, yeah, it just gets more eyes on your business. It lets people know what you do. And of course, then that will turn into more customers.

Miko Santos (07:33):

what is the biggest surprise you had in the last few months and why?

Rose Davidson (07:40):

Oh, the biggest surprise. I think it’s the way that’s you know, people were so frightened to embrace the technology that we that’s been around for such a long time. You know, Zoom’s been around forever you know, almost forever. And people have in the last 12 months have just embraced it because they’ve had no way else to communicate before it was just phones. And if you wanted to meeting, of course, then you’d drive several kilometers or you’d fly, you know, halfway across the country. Well, now you just have to zoom in and you can still have that meeting. And, you know, it saves time. It saves money. And most often saves time because one hour meeting now will be cut down in a live event to a much shorter period because people, you know, their attention span is not as great. And you really can’t lie to a camera if you’re, you know, if you are bored with the topic, people can actually say that you’re falling asleep where face-to-face, they couldn’t normally do that. So that was, I think, was my biggest surprise with the people, how people have embraced the technology that has been available to them for a long time, but they’ve not used.

Miko Santos (08:54):

So based experience working with a small business entrepreneur as leader, what is your advice to people who is thinking on starting up like an online business, but what they need to know and what mistake that that should not doing?

Rose Davidson (09:18):

I think basically the stuff they need to know is make sure that you have all your facts before you even get into business. So make sure that, you know, and you have all your insurances in place and you have, you know, processes in place and, and all sorts of things like that. Don’t just, go in and say, I’ve got this really great idea. Let’s go and make it into a business because half the time that doesn’t work, you have to actually have passion for what it is that you want to go into business for. You also have to know who your audience is. So you can’t just go around and say, well, I’ve got this great idea or this great product, but and I’ll have an audience to sell it to. Sometimes people get into a business and they don’t know who their customer is.

Rose Davidson (10:09):

If their customer base is too broad. So, and a lot of businesses don’t fail very well because of the fact that they don’t know who their ideal customer is. So it’s really, really important to, to do a lot of research on that. Do a lot of you know, surveys, ask your friends, ask your family ask, you know, go around to different businesses that are have similar businesses to what you want to do just to find out, um, you know, and ask questions, ask questions all the time to, um, you know, to get the answers that you need before you even going out on your own, especially if you’ve already got a job and you’re going to leave your, you know, your nine to five to go and to go out on your own. It’s just important to make sure that you’ve got all your facts, right.

Rose Davidson (10:55):

And everything is aligned properly make sure that you have all your, um, legal paperwork in place. It is people don’t get insurance, but if you are going to be in business, it’s, it’s advisable to get insurance because you don’t know if someone’s going to Sue you for whatever reasons, even if you have an online business you need to have at least some insurance, if you’re working with other people’s documents or information, because if you, if you, as the business owner do something that breaks a trust, or you lose a document that’s really important. They can see you and it can be quite a substantial amount of money. And if you don’t have that money, then you know, you’ve lost everything. So yeah. Make sure you’re insured. That’s another piece of really strong advice that I would give make sure you document your processes.

Rose Davidson (11:57):

That’s really important as well. Um, you know, because your business probably will grow in, you know, three, four, five years. So when you do a process, you know, write it down, put it in a word document and put it on your, um, on your computer or whatever, and make sure that you keep a copy, keep updating it all the time. It’s important because then when you do finally employ staff, then you can give that document to that staff member and they can do the job just as well as you can, because you’ve documented the steps that are necessary to do a particular process and you know you do have to have fun. It’s, it’s important to do that. Don’t be a workaholic spend, you know, some time for yourself, you’ve got to have self care day. Don’t let your family suffer because you know, you want to get your business up and going because you’ll end up with burnout and you won’t have fun in your family. Won’t have fun and it could be all sorts of issues.

Miko Santos (13:01):

Actually. That’s my next question. How would you do on the burnout? So some, some entrepreneurs they have because of workaholic more than five, nine to five hours working because of your, the don’t do it, no one was do it. How would you challenge yourself to like the burnout? What, what option do you do so that you don’t get burnt out on your work?

Rose Davidson (13:40):

Nah, well, you need to take weekends off. You just see, you have to be very strong with yourself, you know, do your nine to five, Monday to Friday and make sure that you have at least one day of week, one day to spend with yourself and one day to spend with your family. Because even just having a family can cause burnout because you haven’t relaxed from your nine to five work. So, you know, you’re not enjoying your family time, so you really need to have some time for yourself. it, that is really, that is a must male or female. It doesn’t matter. It has to have time for yourself. So whether it’s golfing or swimming or going for a walk at night, whatever that might be, just go and do it. And then not, you have spend some quality time with your family too. That’s really, really important.

Miko Santos (14:36):

Thank you for that. We got back on the actual audience You have to have the right audience if you are starting up your business. So it’s, you have to know your customer avatar. Do you also believe that us a new entrepreneur, you need to have a mentor as well,

Rose Davidson (14:58):

Mentors and coaches are two different things. So just be, be aware of that but yes, it is sometimes good to have a mentor. Please don’t make it a family member make it somebody outside of your family, families either have the best intentions to, to help you in your business, but not necessarily the right intentions. So get a proper business mentor or a business coach. It’s very, it’s really important to get someone from outside door close circle of friends to, um, to be either of those things. And if you don’t have the support of your family, well, don’t let that worry you too much because you know, if you, if you’re confident that, that the business idea that you have can work, that’s really all that matters that having a mentor was very helpful .

Miko Santos (15:53):

As a woman entrepreneurs what’s is the biggest challenge facing you right now .

Rose Davidson (16:27):

As women entrepreneur, I guess, um, for me, it’s not so much of a challenge because all my kids are grown up and, you know, they don’t live at home anymore, but for ones that are have young children, it’s finding the time to be a mum and not get the mum guilt. That’s quite a difficult thing because women are conditioned to, you know, be at home with the children and working at home. I mean, that gives you the opportunity obviously to spend some time with the kids, however, when you’re trying to get work done, and you’ve got a total there around ankles, you know, demanding your time, you haven’t got time to do work. So it’s pretty much being an a female entrepreneurs is just as difficult as being a female that goes out and works in the corporate world or in, you know, a nine to five job. It’s just really hard. It can be quite stressful because you’ve got more than one role to fulfill .

Miko Santos (17:26):

So you’ve been, you’ve been successful in your business right now. So been working on a corporate job for 35 years, and then you set up your own business. What is your, if you have, what is your failure and what did you learn from it?

Rose Davidson (17:45):

Oh, a failure. I’ve had quite a few failures along the road. I thought I could be a famous author. And so I, I put a an eBook or a couple of them really. And I put them on Amazon thinking I’ll make a million dollars that was a real disappointment after I re-read it 10 times. Um, I thought I had all the spelling mistakes out of it and all the grammatical errors out of it. And then I was rewriting it and I found all these errors and I thought, well, it’s no wonder no one wants to buy it because it was just full of rubbish mistakes. And it was, it wasn’t very professional. So I don’t blame anyone for not buying it. I think my daughter bought a copy and that was about it. I think another failure is in the beginning. I, uh, I was too broad in my, in my in my avatar, in my target audience. I want them to serve absolutely everybody. Um, but you just, you can’t do that when you’re first starting, you’ve got to start little and then work your way out. Don’t do it the other way around, because you’ll end up with props of tears and tantrums. Otherwise

Miko Santos (19:02):

From that failure, how did you learn from it?

Rose Davidson (19:06):

Just slow down, slow down, be more careful with, with more marketing. So target my marketing to a certain niche and and then go from me. Yes. So yeah, I just wanted to serve every dog in his breakfast, but you find a one category and then you can spread it round afterwards after you’ve you’ve nailed that particular category and then you can broaden it out after that.

Miko Santos (19:38):

So how, how important is the niche, your niche down?

Rose Davidson (19:42):

Oh, absolutely. It’s if you don’t need to down it’s then as a third year serving every dog and he’s breakfast. And so, it’s just a whole mess and, and people get confused by your message because they don’t really know if it fits for them. So, yeah. So your messaging becomes confusing to the ones that you really want to work with, because I don’t really understand who you want to work with. And it’s really important that, you know, in your heart, who you want to work with in the initial stages so that your how that audience understands what you’re trying to, to convey to them. And when you’re doing that too, you have to use the words that they use. Don’t, don’t presume that, you know, what they, what they think and, and what you know about what you think you know about them.

Rose Davidson (20:32):

You actually need to use words that they understand. So, I mean, it’s not like a conversation like we’re having, there’s actually specific types of words that, that certain business types that you don’t, you don’t think, and you don’t think to, to even need to investigate those words and how they speak. So you need to go into groups and see how they write their blogs or see how they write their, the you know, how they write their posts in a certain group. You can, you can pretty much figure out from there who, who belongs to what target audience.

Miko Santos (21:11):

So, can you give me three people who has been, let’s say the most influential to you on with your business?

Rose Davidson (21:23):

Well, I must say that I’d have, there’s two people. I don’t really have three, but I have two there’s, um, a really lovely friend I have in Adelaide. she is a she’s, she’s had five businesses. She’s been very wealthy in her businesses and, you know, she’s done multilevel marketing, she’s done, she’s a speaker she’s and she’s just an awesome person and stays, give me the confidence to to go further and to, I guess, to broaden my horizons a little bit. And the other one comes from Melbourne and he is an he’s a search engine optimizer and a digital marketer. And he’s helped me a lot too, because just because of his personality, I think it’s just, it’s not what he does as, as his job, it’s just the person that he is, has been quite influential on me.

Miko Santos (22:28):

Can you give us, what is your best resources that help you along the way when you resources

Rose Davidson (22:38):

I don’t know that I have a best resource. I think I just do what I do. I like, I like to research a lot of things. I if I don’t know something, I’ll, I’ll go to Google, you know, because Google knows everything. So as far as, you know, they’re like an encyclopedia. So if I don’t know something, if I’ve got a problem with my own website, then I’ll, I’ll Google it and find out, or I’ll go, I’ll go to this to somebody who can help me. And then I’ll just do it myself. I’ve built six websites. I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve got three of my own at the moment, and then I’ve built three others, which isn’t my job. And I’m not, I don’t know coding, I don’t know any of those things, but yeah, I just build websites because there it’s creative.

Rose Davidson (23:26):

I like to do it because it brings out my creativity. Another tool that I use is obviously PowerPoint. because I, I like to be creative and put, you know, lots of nice colors and things in it. And I like making videos. I use an online platform, like, so you use two of them to use, to make my videos with I don’t know, go and take spill out in the world all that way. I could do that and then put it into a video if I wanted to, but I choose just to use an online program to do it. And then my favorite tools.

Miko Santos (24:03):

Thank you. So what is your favorite tools that you are when you’re doing your PowerPoint and doing your promotional video? What tools are you using?

Rose Davidson (24:15):

Well for PowerPoint, it’s obviously PowerPoint, it’s windows. that’s, that’s that, and then, you know, I like the animations in it, and I liked the transitions in in there. And I liked, you know, the different templates that they have in the designs are quite good and in video, I use a Wondershare filmora and I’ve got video, which I really like and they’re both really good platforms to use. I use I use an audio program to just strip my video for my audio. And I also, yes, and I use that as well. So when I’m doing my own podcast, I film it and then I strip the audio out of it. And then yeah, make it into a podcast after that.

Miko Santos (25:08):

Thank you so much. So what’s your advice you give to someone? So what, what advice you’d give to someone pursuing a career path, similar to what you’re doing now?

Rose Davidson (25:22):

Well, you have to, you have to love what it is that you’re doing. You have to have some form of creative mind. You have to be dedicated to the happiness of the clients. Your clients always come first. yeah, you know, you’ve got to be focused on, on what they want. It’s not what you, as the entrepreneur or business owner want. It’s what your client wants. They wants their needs come way above yours at any time. So that is rule number one always is the client comes first, even if they’re wrong, they always come first. I guess you’ve got to love what you do. It’s got to bring some, you know, it has to bring you light and has to make you really happy. You’ve gotta be able to want to jump out of bed in the morning and say, oh my God, I’m going to go and do this thing today. because it excites you. And if you, if you’re working in a job or in a business that doesn’t make you bounce it a bit in the morning, then you’re in the wrong thing. You’re doing something wrong. It’s because it’s to make you really happy. Other than that, that’s all I can say. Just make sure that you’ve got all your processes in place and seek help when you need it

Miko Santos (26:46):

Actually My next question is about motivate. So what motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?

Rose Davidson (26:53):

Because I love what I do. I love helping people in not even in now, not just in my business I’m also heavily involved in domestic and family violence awareness initiative in Adelaide even though I live in Hobart, I still, I’m still involved in the one in Adelaide and also mental health stigma. I’m heavily involved in that and also the awareness against child sexual abuse. So those things because I’m very passionate about them makes me want to get out of bed in the morning, because I know that I can help somebody. And as long as I can help someone that makes my day

Miko Santos (27:35):

In line with that, can you elaborate us? I think you are the founder and the president of healing through love. Can you explain to us to our listeners and Audience . why did you found it and what is the main purpose of that?

Rose Davidson (27:55):

Well, Healing through love is domestic and family violence awareness initiative. And basically it was because, the women involved want to give back to the community. Now we’ve all been, um, the women involved it’s part of the founders, or co-founders have all been through domestic or family violence themselves. So they’ve been survivors of whatever. it has happened today. And so healing through love, hold a free annual pamper day every year for survivors of domestic violence. And so it’s a totally free event and we have, you know business other business owners come in and offer their time and they resources for nothing for the day. And, you know, we have things like Reiki and Domesa and Oracle card ratings and crystal readings and dresses and makeup and skincare and counselors and women’s services and financial advisors. And we even have free clothing for women that, you know, who may be a bit challenged with finding a wardrobe for court or for a job interview. So it’s a totally free day. And actually the next one’s coming up this Saturday on the 22nd of May, but really excited. I won’t be able to go, but I know that it’s in good hands.

Miko Santos (29:23):

Thank you. So thank you for that. So let’s go back to you are co- author. She is a magic always. What is what can you tell us? What is this book?

Rose Davidson (29:41):

Yeah, it’s with 25 other women got together and wrote a book about their challenges in life and how they overcame them. So she has magic is a series of books and we are the third in the, in the series. so there was, she has magic. She has magic too. We are, she is magic always. And then there’s another fourth. She has magic. I can’t remember what it’s called, but yeah, it’s basically just women telling a story about a challenge or a difficulty that they’ve had in life and how they’ve overcome it so that they could inspire others.

Miko Santos (30:23):

Let’s go. So you have a podcast, you have your own podcast, which is almost 117 episode now.

Rose Davidson (30:33):

My feet I’ve just did my hundred and 50th yesterday. Oh,

Miko Santos (30:36):

That’s congratulation. Thanks. So, can you give us an overview of talking to experts and why did you produce it?

Rose Davidson (31:04):

Well, I think I said a little bit about it earlier on is in July of last year I could say your name because a lot of business owners were feeling a little bit challenged with the lockdown and they didn’t know how they could change their business around. And I thought, what if I could get some, uh, business leaders, other business leaders in different industries to give the advice, their time their point of view on, on things like, you know, on management or just getting a business off the ground, or, you know, how you can change your thought processes or your mindset, or whatever, to give advice to other business owners who are, you know, feeling this challenge of, of the pandemic or, you know, whatever. Then I thought, why not? I’m always trying to pay it forward to other people. So I thought what a, what a great way to pay forward to business owners was to get other business owners to help them. And that’s how it was born out. And, you know, it took me, I don’t know, a week to get it off the ground. And as I said, since July last year, I’ve just recorded my a hundred and 50th episode. So I’m really happy with that.

Miko Santos (32:20):

What Is your biggest impact on your business because of podcasting?

Rose Davidson (32:25):

I think I spend more time podcasting than I do spending on my business to be honest but I love what I do. I love my podcast. I mean, sometimes there is burnout, you think, oh God, you know, especially when you have the 11 o’clock at night interviews and you think you know, I just want to go to bed but you know, you’re small through it. And then at the, at the end of the day, you really end up having a really great conversation with someone that you didn’t know. And it brings about networking opportunities from people all over the world. I’ve had people from India and Sweden and the Netherlands the, you know, the U S Canada, then you’re not a kingdom. I’ve had people from every way. I’ve even had people from, um, over the middle east. so yeah, I’ve had people from everywhere on the podcast and it’s been really great because I’ve made some really great friends or acquaintances out of it and, you know, we’re still to stay in touch, so great. It’s, it’s great. I think having a podcast is great. I know sometimes you don’t want to do it.

Miko Santos (33:44):

Sometimes the schedule is 2:00 AM in the morning.

Rose Davidson (33:46):

Yeah. Yay. It is. It’s it’s um, yeah, because they time just doesn’t equate to everyone. Else’s that should be all the same, I reckon

Miko Santos (34:00):

On, on wrapping up. Just what is your final advice to anyone who wanted to start their own business?

Rose Davidson (34:13):

I think it’s, important to know who your target market is. You just need to know that like, you know, the back of your hand, you got to be really confident that you know who your ideal client is. Be passionate about what you do if you’re not passionate about it, and it doesn’t give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, then you’re obviously not in the right business always try and pay it forward to others. It’s, it’s very important that, um, that you’re not totally finance focused because there are other people that you could be offering your advice or your services to that, you know, you, you never know they might pay it forward to you one day or they might pay it forward to somebody else. So it takes one person to just start an avalanche of, um, of care, I guess.

Rose Davidson (35:14):

As I said, I’m, I’m I love paying it forward to other business owners. Quite often, I work for nothing because you know, they’re a bit challenged financially, or I can say that they could do a bit of a hand up or, or whatever. So, yeah, I don’t make a lot of money out of my business because for that reason too soft, I think maybe but anyway, so you can’t be totally financially focused it’s unless you’re just a hard nose and that’s what you’re in business for, but if you’re in business just to make money, then you’re not in the right space, don’t work for somebody else. To me the equal you’ve got to be kind, got to be calm, be yourself, you’ve got to be kind to others and make sure you’ve got all your processes documented. You know what you’re doing. If you don’t know, go and ask somebody it’s really important that you get advice. As I said before, friends and family really are probably not the right people to be asking because they’re too close to it. And they’re probably say to you that you made for trying to start a business up in the first place, but right now during the pandemic is the best time to be starting a business, especially an online one.

Miko Santos (36:34):

Thank you so much Rose what a wonderful advice to our listening and audience. So what can our listeners and who is watching right now as well, connect with you online.

Rose Davidson (36:49):

I have a Facebook page it’s called Rose Davidson on Facebook. I have a web page it’s called And you can find my podcast on talking with the or I have a Facebook page called talking with the experts vodcast. And where else can you find? You can find me on LinkedIn and find me on Instagram and you can find me on Twitter. I think that’s about it. Yeah. I’m trying to think of anywhere else, but the tick tock tick tock, but you can find my podcast on like SoundCloud and iTunes and Spotify and any way that good podcasting is listened to, but every way.

Miko Santos (37:40):

All right. Thank you so much.

Rose Davidson (37:43):

Rose and YouTube. You can find me both on YouTube as well. Yeah, yeah,

Miko Santos (37:47):

Yeah. Posting to YouTube. That’s the second largest search engine. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your time. And for the time tonight, I know you’ve been busy and to our Audience. So all the show notes of the link will be on the show notes of the podcast. So please visit Rose Davidson on her all social media channels. And I said we help each other in small business. And thank you so much for that. So another, thank you for another episode of the Tribe podcast under Auspod syndicate. And before I go I’m want to say thank you to the deaf and terp training service. So it’s a sign language service that they’re going to do a sign language interpretation to all my video podcasts and Thank you to the kangaroofern media lab, my podcast management. If you need any podcast management, just go to them. It’s under Thank you so much and see you next week for another episode of tribe podcasts. Thank you.

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