Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Heidi Ricardo – The power of your Brain

Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Heidi Ricardo – The power of your Brain

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Heidi Ricardo. (@heidirecardo). Roar Confidence was created by Heidi Ricardo in 2020, during the midst of the turmoil.  As an innovative educator, Heidi saw an opportunity to have a global impact on personal development by taking her passion online and teaching on Zoom.

She aims to empower women to build greater confidence, expand their possibilities in both personal and business pursuits, in self-awareness, higher intelligence, and manifest happiness, success, prosperity, and freedom of choice in all areas of life. Heidi has spent 26 years dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to become self-determined and to go in pursuit of dreams and achieve personal growth in all areas of life.


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Miko Santos [00:01:46] Good day, everyone. It’s another episode of the Tribe podcast under Auspod Syndicate. So for today’s guests, our guest for today is the owner and the founder of Rory Confidence. And her name is Heidi Riccardo. Good morning. Good day. Welcome to the show, Heidi.

Heidi Ricardo [00:02:09] Thanks, Mike. It’s lovely to be here with you today.

Miko Santos [00:02:12] Thank you so much for your time. So before we go to the podcast, just to let you know if you enjoyed the episode, you listen or you’ll watch some of the episodes. Please don’t forget to, like, subscribe, and comment, and also give a review on the Apple podcast as well.

Miko Santos [00:02:31] This show is for our start-up or individual who is looking on getting into the enterprise space or industry. All right, Heidi, the first question I’m going to ask you today is love to hear your journey into business. What got you from here to now?

Heidi Ricardo [00:02:58] OK, so first of all, my journey into entrepreneurship has not been that long. It only started in August twenty when I found myself unemployed as a teacher. And I thought that at that point in August felt this strong edge within me to take my life into my own hands and to create freedom and also the impact that I’ve always wanted to have in empowering other people. So between August to now end of January, I’ve been able to convert a teaching career, 20 years of teaching into a company that now has a global reach via the Internet. And I’m able to bring together 20 years of teaching and personal development, yoga, meditation, a whole range of different skills that I can then share with people and empower people at the same time as really being able to empower myself by having my own company.

Heidi Ricardo [00:04:14] So it’s really been an incredible five months and it’s been an incredible 20 years preparing for this short journey and also a long journey, bringing them together to this moment. Now, it’s been amazing.

Miko Santos [00:04:30] So as a woman intrapreneurs, what do you think is your challenge?

Heidi Ricardo [00:04:35] That’s an interesting question because really, I don’t think that the gender gap that exists in other areas of society, ‘ve I haven’t encountered any gender gap in being an entrepreneur because actually as an entrepreneur, you get to take your own power and take that out into what it is that you do. So whatever you’re passionate about, you are playing on an equal, equal field with people. There’s no gender gap, in my opinion.

Heidi Ricardo [00:05:09] And that’s why it’s so empowering to be an entrepreneur because you’re not limited. The only limitation that exists in entrepreneurship is within your own thinking, without within your own ability to allow yourself to have this big life that you really want. So if you’re able to deal with the mindset and come to terms with that, I don’t feel that there are any limitations, gender gaps that exist in other parts of society. That is why it is so empowering, because of the pandemics.

Miko Santos [00:05:45] Due to a pandemic, you lose your job, What do you advise people about starting up a business? Do they have their own job leaving the nine to five job for me?.

Heidi Ricardo [00:06:00] I do this with my clients as well, but I’ve definitely practiced it for myself as well. It’s being able to see yourself moving from this world where everything in you in your life at the moment is probably quite safe and comfortable. But it’s not really fulfilling you. It’s not giving you that feeling that you want to jump out of bed in the morning and go and seize the day and live this incredible life that you probably imagined for yourself when you were younger. So I think the first thing that you need to do is to become clear with yourself about what it is that you’re doing in your life at the moment, why you might feel that you need to stay there in that safe place and think about the options that you have in play here. If you were to stay in that safe zone, would you be happy in one year’s time, five years’ time, 10 years time, maybe even on your deathbed? Looking back, will you look back and think your podcast journey starts here?


Heidi Ricardo [00:07:25] I had an amazing life and there’s nothing that I regret. Or is it that you think back and think, oh, there were those amazing things that I wanted to do, whether it be having a bigger impact on people’s lives or travel the world or buy that home or whatever it is that you really, really want to do, it always takes you reflecting on where it is in your life and seeing where you’ve come from in the past, and then being able to protect yourself into the future and open up your imagination to your biggest vision of your life. And when you’re able to take that power into your own hands, then, you know, the choice is, is what you’ve got to do.

Heidi Ricardo [00:08:13] And you just have to get really clear about the vision. If you want something, you have to be able to see yourself having it. And then bit by bit, the more you allow yourself to see that you can have this amazing life, you start to attract these things into your life and opportunities start to present themselves. So you might not know all of the steps of how you’re going to get to this big future. But just by taking that first step and one thing that’s really, really helpful is just to start writing these things down, like writing, what do I want? Why do I want it? All right. What’s this desire that I have? But why do I want what’s my purpose for having it? Because the path of entrepreneurship is not necessarily an easy path.

Heidi Ricardo [00:09:08] You need to be really clear about what you want, why you want it so that that keeps you every day taking these small actions that are building into this big life for you. But for me personally, OK, coming from teaching and going into business, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to do it. I didn’t have any technical skills. I didn’t have any marketing skills. And so just by me taking that first step and deciding that that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to create a coaching company. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to have a big impact on people’s lives. I’ve been able to step by step, see this path open before me because each day I. I only give myself a couple of tasks to do. They’re the important tasks and they might be things that really scare me. OK, but by taking those small actions every day, they lead to the next action and the next. S. And before you know it, your three, four, five months into a pod and you’ve created a business, you’ve created a product and service that people want my value. And so it really is just about getting clear on your vision and then starting to take action. It’s amazing.

Miko Santos [00:10:42] OK, so you also say so you’re also saying is you have to have the passion and believe in yourself. Do you agree with that?

Heidi Ricardo [00:10:52] Finally, you have to be really passionate about what you want. This desire has to be burning. It’s not can’t be wishy-washy. And oh yeah, I’d like to have a company or I’d like to have a house or anything that we really want in life has to come from us. So it has to really be a very strong motivator. I have to be really passionate about it. So I think that that’s a really key element. It has to be something that you really want, but then you also have to make a commitment to following through with this.

Heidi Ricardo [00:11:30] I have had this idea to start a business many, many times over the years. Every time I felt like I was getting up and going to school and feeling dissatisfied with the school system, I would have these ideas running through my head. I would be thinking, oh, I want to be my own boss. I want to be the one who determines what I’m teaching to people.

Heidi Ricardo [00:11:59] What I feel is important. What I felt like when I was a student at school was lacking in my education to make me a really well-rounded human being, an empowered person with money, with choices, with everything. So it’s really important that you make that commitment to yourself like you would if you were going to get married or something. You’re making this strong resolve. I will do this and I will follow through until I’ve completed it until I am successful. One hundred percent.

Miko Santos [00:12:41] Thank you for that so. I usually ask for some of my guess is that, yes, you’re ready, you’re passionate, you’re ready, believe in yourself.  How you overcome the imposter syndrome.

Heidi Ricardo [00:13:04] I know what you’re referring to, imposter syndrome. But this is a false thing that if you enter into this marketplace of comparison, then you may think, oh, I need to compare myself to others. And others know so much more than me and I a little of me, I don’t know anything. But the reality is, is that none of us are perfect and appearances are always just appearances. Whatever we’re looking at, if we’re comparing, then we’re going to say, oh, this is better or worse. But in reality, when we’re fulfilling our deepest desires, our destiny, our purpose in life, there is no comparison.

Heidi Ricardo [00:13:59] There is no imposter. This is your truth. And there’s absolutely no need or reason to compare yourself with anyone else. So if anybody is suffering from imposter syndrome, I would say limits the amount that you look at the other people. We’re told that these your competition, but there’s no real competition. This is not a game of win and loses against other people. We’re playing our own game and the game exists in our minds, in our hearts. If we can be accepting of the fact that we’re not perfect, but that’s absolutely fine. We do have something to offer. We have a business that is spiritual.

Heidi Ricardo [00:14:48] So when you are in the game of being an entrepreneur, you’re a spiritual being. You want to bring that value out into the world and your products and your services. And it’s it’s also about being in flow with giving and receiving everything. Is this exchange of energy. So Imposter Syndrome tossed it out the window. You know, get rid of it, forget about it.

Miko Santos [00:15:45] So that’s a nice explanation about imposter syndrome and how to overcome that. how did this start?

Heidi Ricardo [00:16:18] My business is actually been my passion. This has been my vision since 2002. So I started my teaching career in two thousand. And within two years of teaching, I realized I wasn’t it wasn’t going to work out for me working for the system because I didn’t feel like the system or the leadership was really there to empower people.

Heidi Ricardo [00:16:49] So in my two years of teaching experience and I was a top graduate at my university and got to go straight into a new high school, when I started teaching, it was a great opportunity, I felt, to really have a huge impact on teenagers and the lives that they were going to live. I was teaching them personal development and I became very passionate about teaching these children how to make decisions.

Heidi Ricardo [00:17:20] And at the same time, I felt like the system didn’t really allow for this individual to grow and expand it. It actually gave me more of a sense that I had to teach people for exams. But then we all know that you when you prepare for an exam unless you really. I really feel that learning you forget it the day after you’ve gone through, so in 2002, after two years of teaching, I left the system and I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, as long as life went about, I then went through a trauma in my personal life and I lost my confidence as a result of it.

Heidi Ricardo [00:18:10] And I spent the next 18 years developing myself on a personal level and really building my experience and expertise in all different ranges of being in my spiritual journey, my physical and emotional journey, my relationship with money, with my responsibility as a leader. And so I think that when it came and in those years, I had some incredible experiences. I taught in indigenous communities. I taught in Colombia and taught in the juvenile prison. And I lived in India. And I learned meditation for a couple of years.

Heidi Ricardo [00:19:02] And I was on this journey of self-discovery, really, because I wanted to know how to empower myself, but also so then I could share what I know. So if we come to August 20, 20 and the world is in this situation where everybody was feeling so disempowered, I actually wasn’t feeling disempowered in 2020 because I haven’t watched the media for a long time. So quite early on, maybe a couple of months into the pandemic, I stopped watching the media. I still knew what was happening because people around you tell you. But I became very focused on how I was going to create a solution. And so all my energy last year really went into building my company learning, studying about marketing, and like what you hear so far, make sure you never miss an episode by clicking the subscribe button and money and business and investing in all of these things that I didn’t know anything about before I suddenly became interested in.

Heidi Ricardo [00:20:23] And I also did a coaching course that taught me to bring together all of the things that I had learned. So I had an interest in neuroscience and I trained my brain six or seven years ago with a neuroscientist. And I was able to gain these tools to help other people train their brains. But I was actually training my brain for the last four months, five months, because I’m building this new mindset.

Heidi Ricardo [00:20:55] I’m thinking now, as an entrepreneur, I was taking these daily actions to learn and to practice and to implement, like starting a website and getting a business name and doing all of the things each step of the way. I have learned that step. I have sourced it out to somebody else and said, just create this for me. I have learned it myself. And I think for me that’s been a really important part of building a strong foundation for my company because as I grow and expand into the future, I feel like I’ll know each step of the process, which for me is empowering. It’s it means that I will be able to relate to each section of the company as well. So it’s been an incredible experience for me on all levels.

Miko Santos [00:22:01] Do we need a mentor in our business?

Heidi Ricardo [00:22:05] Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I threw out my coaching course. I had a mastermind group that was led by the mentor, the teacher. And every two weeks we would meet on Zoom and have sessions where we could ask questions for anybody who’s known me in my life. I am the person that always asks questions every single.

Heidi Ricardo [00:22:35] My mind just works this way that as soon as I am taught something, I then have to. No questions, and then when an answer is I receive an answer, I have another 10 questions and it’s like this. So having a mentor is really, really important for that guidance. It’s also really important, I think, to have a coach as well, not only a mentor or someone who can give you the answers but somebody who coaches you because a coach doesn’t give you the answers. They just ask you the right questions.

Heidi Ricardo [00:23:10] So they invoke that that question or whatever it is that you’re seeking within you to come out. So I’ve been coach throughout the last five months and will continue to do so because the more I come to know, the more I go up to the next level, the more I realize there is this whole minefield of things that I had didn’t even know that I didn’t know. So it is this constant evolution of learning. And so I would say to the entrepreneur out there, it’s not that you have a skill set and you take that forward, and then you’re your complete.

Heidi Ricardo [00:23:52] It is a constant ongoing evolution of learning. And so you have to be a lifelong learner. Once you have a skill set, then you start to open and learn from your clients who really are then bringing to the table what they want, what services you need to be offering so that you can be flexible. It’s not just this is who I am and this is what I do. It’s a relationship that you build with your clients about what is their need and how can I serve that need. So it’s an amazing learning experience.

Miko Santos [00:24:33] Sounds interesting and fascinating the way you you explain to us. Hopefully, our audience and our listener can learn from your experience as well. How long is the business?

Heidi Ricardo [00:24:53] I started well, I moved fast, so I started the course in August and it was a 10-month course. And by the 15th of September, I had my company name, possibly by October I had my website. And just in the last two and a half months, I have now started functioning as a business. I’ve had what was really, really good for my business was in December.

Heidi Ricardo [00:25:27] I offered free coaching for the month to ten people so that then I could really refine my service, my product and gain feedback, really build my own expertise and belief. Because what I was offering, what I am offering to my clients is what has personally empowered me. I’ve broken through 18 years of procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, self-doubt is limited, limiting beliefs. I’ve used my program on myself.

Heidi Ricardo [00:26:07] And now by sharing that with others, I’ve been able to see that they are also getting the results as well. So just by, I think planning that out, if you can give your company a really solid foundation by you knowing, believing completely that what you’re offering is of value to people, that it is changing people’s lives,  you know this you’re selling something that it’s not just about a financial exchange. This is actually transformational. It changes people’s lives. So it’s amazing.

Miko Santos [00:27:05] So you saying limiting self-belief or what technique do you use for your client?

Heidi Ricardo [00:27:13] I combine neuroscience with quantum physics using the law of attraction, so I help people using the law of attraction, first of all, to become very clear about their goal and then to set the goal, set the intention, and it only. Well, first of all, it takes about thirty days to change neural patterns in the brain. OK, so I said in to. And with my client for 30 days initially than using subliminal audios, which are neuroscience.

Heidi Ricardo [00:27:51] OK, what happens if you know anything about the mind, you’ve got the subconscious and the conscious mind and only about 10 percent of our conscious mind. Sorry, is the conscious mind. 90 percent is the subconscious. So when we make a decision to do something, let’s say we decide to start a business and we can see the goal. All right. But if we’re not taking these daily training of the subconscious mind, we might have this goal. But then this 90 percent is actually saying, I can’t do it. You might be saying I’m going to complete this within 30 days. I’m going to within 30 days. I’m going to, let’s say, have a website.

[00:28:40] OK, but then if I’m not training my subconscious, I might start on this journey four or five days into it. I might be all excited about this new idea or this new adventure and things are happening. But then maybe on day six or seven, I encounter a roadblock. I can’t work out something to do with the technology or I don’t have I don’t even know what questions to ask when we train the subconscious.

Heidi Ricardo [00:29:13] All right. We’ve got we’re training these places that we often get to where we feel it might have been an experience in the past where we were told or we learned that we couldn’t do something. Maybe technology is too hard to understand. So when we get to that seventh day, if we haven’t been training the subconscious, we will hear this voice inside saying it’s too hard. It’s easier if I just give up and go back to my old job, at least then I don’t have to worry about it. So we won’t let these inner voices within us that leaving the subconscious that can defeat us. And so what I’ve got is I’ve got these subliminal audio frequencies that I listen to morning and night for 30 days.

Heidi Ricardo [00:30:06] And what happens is, is they dissolve these negative neural pathways of doubt, of self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with these positive frequencies that are embedded with positive messaging. So for me, in my first 30 days, I was listening to building self-confidence and self-esteem. And for me, that was that first 30 days. I listened to it every day, morning and night. But actually, I continued with it for 90 days because what I found was that after the first 30 days, I was still really, really excited. Like, this is such a great thing that I’m starting this company.

Heidi Ricardo [00:30:53] However, once I get to that point where I had my own website and I because that was the first step, that big mountain that I had to climb once I got to that point, I was then hit with this whole wave of self-doubt again. So I had to go to this new level. And I actually, rather than shying away and feeling like I wanted to give up, I became more determined to continue to train my subconscious mind.

Heidi Ricardo [00:31:22] So I then upped the ante. I continued with listening to my subliminal for building self-esteem and confidence. And then I started listening to another one in the day as well, which was creating success and achieving goals. And so I was there training more and I found that again, I was building this momentum, moving forwards, and I was achieving a lot very, very quickly. Then again, it came to December because, again, I’d come to a new level and then a whole load of self-doubt came in again. And so I just had to continue. So I’m actually now up to about one hundred and fifty days of training my subconscious.

Heidi Ricardo [00:32:12] And I have to say that when you combine neuroscience with the law of attraction, like actually keeping your eye on the goal in the direction you’re going, magic can happen just on a day to day basis. Those two things combined with having an unshakeable faith, just believing in yourself and being grateful for the small steps that you achieve each day, celebrating those steps, I. I feel like this incredible amount of momentum has been generated out of nowhere, really, it feels like it’s coming out of nowhere because I’ve never known this amount of action within me. So I just feel like the more I keep moving forwards, the more those doubts, those limiting beliefs are really falling away.

Heidi Ricardo [00:33:06] And I’m opening up. But mastering things that I felt before was actually painful are now starting to really love them. I’m starting to love marketing. I’m starting to love the whole conversation about making money, investing. I didn’t want to talk about this stuff eight months ago. If someone mentioned the word money or investment, I would have walked away.

Heidi Ricardo [00:33:33] But now I’m fascinated by it. So it is possible to change our thinking. We have to really commit to it, though. If you have even one day where you are training your brain and then you have a day off, you get lazy, you actually have eliminated this change that’s happening. So you need to continue. You need to continue. If you know anything about neuroscience, the neuro the neural pathways in the brain, the connexions of them are being fired, you know, to draw these connexions. If you miss a day, you’re not allowing this connexion to be created. So it needs to be a constant thing every day.

Miko Santos [00:34:23] Interesting? I wish I can do that.

Heidi Ricardo [00:34:37] Actually, you can do anything you want

Heidi Ricardo [00:34:39] You try is also coughing and you just do try is one of these things we say when we’re not really ready to commit. It’s like oh yeah, I’ll try and do it. We’re not going to do it. Do what you feel like you really want to do. When your passion is there, you do it when your passion is now, you don’t really want to do it. And what I’ve discovered is, is and this is probably a really important step, in the beginning, is working out what do you value in life? Because when you know what you value, then you become clear about what it is that you want and what is the most important thing. If you have a couple of different values but you’re not sure which is the most important, at some point in life, you will probably have to decide which one is the most important. And the thing is, is what we value also changes throughout our lives. So it’s always good to look at what you value.

Heidi Ricardo [00:35:37] Now, today, you know, we value ten years ago or, you know, life changes. So basically with yourself about what you value and what you want is always the first step.

Miko Santos [00:35:49] Thank you for that. Do you have any final advice or anything else you want to share with an individual, start-up, or already in your business?

Heidi Ricardo [00:36:00] Wow. Well, first of all, I’d say go for it, because if you’re watching this and it’s something that you’re thinking about, then if you’re attracted to it, it means that you want to do it. You know, whatever we’re attracted to, we’re on some level feeling like we want to be exposed to. So make the decision for yourself if that is what you want to. And if it is, give it everything you’ve got. Don’t I wouldn’t say leave any part of you. .

Heidi Ricardo [00:36:49] Left to doubt. Because, well, if you have any doubt and you allow that to have an impact on you, you won’t succeed. It takes everything for you to succeed in life. And so make the real commitment to yourself and surround yourself and in a supportive environment, support yourself totally by giving yourself the things that you need to thrive. So having a really good sleep, making the adjustments to your everyday life so you can succeed, sleep is of vital importance.

Heidi Ricardo [00:37:27] Drinking water every day is is of vital importance and eating, eating well, exercising, taking care of those basic things every day. Definitely, getting organized with your time, so having good sleeping patterns actually, prepares you to be able to keep a schedule the next day?

Heidi Ricardo [00:37:52] It’s always I think it’s really good when you’re going to sleep at night to be able to think, OK, is there anything that I still need to process from today, complete, complete the day so that when you go to sleep, you’re already being able to see the things that you want to do tomorrow. And we don’t want to feel like we’ve got so much to do that, you know, we’re just overwhelmed just having I’ve learned in my own life, but also through the coaching course, I did that.

Heidi Ricardo [00:38:26] Three things are enough to put on a list. OK, if you’ve got three things on your list for each day, that is enough. You might only have one thing that is on your list, but we’re setting ourselves up for success. So by having one, two, or three things that the most on our list, by taking them off and each day we can then start the new day fresh.

Heidi Ricardo [00:38:55] We go to bed that night feeling like we’ve had success. Not that we’re carrying all of this on and on, incomplete things that create stress for us. So having less actually given us a feeling and having more, keeping it simple, keeping, you know, your environment around you clean so that you can think clearly. It’s all of these very simple things actually really support us in being creative. So I would encourage people to, first of all, take care of or take note of the environment that you’re having surrounding yourself in that it is supporting your growth and your creativity. Thank you for that. I’ve come to.

Miko Santos [00:39:46] Yeah, I agree for that. I agree that. OK, so thank you for your time. If someone wanted to contact you and have a chat with you, how they can connect with you, Heidi.

Heidi Ricardo [00:39:59] OK, so my website is the best place to contact me if you go to and that’s roar like the lion when you’re ready to roar roar and get on there. You can find a free session that I offer to go to Clarity Session. It’s forty minutes and I conduct this session on Zooms.

Heidi Ricardo [00:40:23] And what I help people do is to become very clear about the goals, the vision that you want to create in your life, how to set that intention and commit to the intention that you have, and then how to take actionable steps on a daily basis that are going to help you to to achieve this bigger vision for your life. You can choose to do my thirty day confident, mindset intensive and what that eases you then get the subliminal audios and the one to one coaching with me, as well as the group support the mastermind on the Facebook group so you can find me at

Miko Santos [00:41:10]  Thank you so much, Heidi. To our listeners and Audience as well. I’ll put all the links on the show notes, OK, so that you can check Heidi and connect with her.

Miko Santos [00:41:24] All right. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for listening and thank you for. This is another episode of Tribe podcast on Oxfords Syndicate.

Miko Santos [00:41:34] And of course, I would like to thank my sponsor is Kangaroofern  Media Lab. It’s a podcast management service. If you want to launch your own podcast or you have your own podcast.  So want to manage it, just contact them at www. See you next week for another episode of Tribe Podcast. Thank you. Thank you.

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