Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Danielle Phillips – Director of HelloSEO

Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Danielle Phillips – Director of HelloSEO

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Danielle Phillips (@getgooglereviews) her mission is to help small business to get found in the first 3 organic listing in a local Google search and getting more Google review.


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Miko Santos: She is the one behind hello, S E O, and and based in Brisbane. Welcome to the show Danielle.

Danielle Philips: Hi, Miko Thank you so much for inviting me along really excited.

Miko Santos: Thank you so much for your time as well. To guests on our tribe podcast. So the first thing you live in Brisbane used to be a hair and makeup artist until two years time you’re selling online and learn SEO. Can you tell us about you and how you started?

Danielle Philips: Sure. So I started off with a hair and makeup artist so I was always in people’s spaces, you know working very creative and always loved you know, thinking outside the box and doing something a bit fun, and then two years ago I started selling online. I was selling on Amazon and I was selling with e-commerce and I realized I had to learn SEO to basically get more traffic to my website and then going down that whole rabbit hole of information, it was so overwhelming and it didn’t make sense at all.

And I was lucky enough that I found a couple of mentors who were in, who were in America and they helped me, make my way through all these new terms and terminologies and different things that I had to do to you know, get a website found on Google. And then I realized that you know, I used to have a website when I was a hair makeup artist and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know it had to do any of what I was now learning. And I just want to kick myself if I’d known now, what I should have known back then, I would have been so much busier. I would have had so much more traffic and phone calls and inquiries, but I didn’t know any better. So I started up hello SEO just over 12 months ago and I wanted to help small business owners get found in a local Google search.

So that’s you know, when you put into your phone, you might put in a search term, like, you know, electrician me, me, or, you know, a local plumber. And I want to help businesses get found in that top three, what we call the map pack. And it, it can be quite easy to do if you know what you’re doing. And then we found that we could get clients to be featured in that map pack. But what also happens in that Google map pack is that’s where your Google reviews show up. And so, you know, you’ve got a selection of three or four different choices, and then you’ve got these Google reviews. And what do you naturally do is you look for a company that’s got reviews and you’ll read them and say, okay, this company has got 25-star reviews. They must be much better than the business. It’s only got one review or zero reviews. And that’s when we realized if you don’t have the Google reviews, you’re not going to get the phone calls. So we started up helping businesses get more reviews on Google and more reviews on Facebook and other platforms like Trustpilot or TripAdvisor or true local, all those different review platforms.

Miko Santos: Right? So tell our listeners, our audience as well, a particular audience is a startup or small business and entrepreneurs what is S E O and what are the types of methods?

Danielle Philips: Okay. So SEO is it makes no sense at all for a lot of small business owners and it can be quite overwhelming and it does, it falls into different categories. So SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s basically to get found in a Google search, there are still some countries that use Bing or Yahoo even Pinterest is actually a search engine of its type. So it’s to get found in a search that someone does on a different platform. So, and it can fall into different categories. So you’ve got SEO experts who mainly focus on a website and how well, or how fast it works. And then you’ve got SEO, which is all the technical stuff and what they call back-linking and things like social signals. And so that’s off-page SEO, and then you’ve got Google ads or PPC pay per click. Now that is really where you need someone who’s experienced in pay-per-click otherwise you just throw your money away. And then you’ve got other SEO, which is local SEO, which is what I like to do, which is helping people get found in the Google map pack. And then you’ve also got things like content creation, like blog article writing, YouTube chats YouTube video creation. So it’s all these different pieces that fit together to help a business get found and Google is the main platform and you basically want to use Google.

Oh, Google-based platforms to help being found. And this is where you’ve got Google. You’ve got YouTube, Google owns YouTube. and Google is also got the Google maps or the Google my business. So again, it’s another Google platform and that’s where business owners should be spending their time in making sure that their different Google platforms are all being used to there, to the fullest extent that they can afford, or they can, you know, spend time on.

Miko Santos: All right. So let’s go back to earlier days before this helloSEO how did you come up to become, or set up your own business? Like the SEO from hair and makeup and now you’re doing SEO. That’s why a different niche. How does it happen? Do you have an idea or,

Danielle Philips: Okay, so I’m, I’m a real stickybeak. If I see something that interests me, I’ll, I’ll go and have a look at it, and spent 20 years working on it, okay. So if I didn’t do someone’s hair or makeup or a wedding got canceled, I wouldn’t make any money. So I was working for myself, but if I wasn’t working, I couldn’t earn money. If I went on a holiday, I can’t work while I’m on holiday. So again, I couldn’t earn money. So I really wanted a way to earn, to earn extra money. And I tried the different things that most people try. Like I tried multilevel marketing and look there was a little bit of success, but I really like that business model where you just constantly hassling people and, and it’s just, didn’t sit right with me. And then I started selling on Amazon and that was, um, that was good, but it’s, it’s risky because you spend a lot of money to buy stock and inventory and you can easily lose that business.

And then I saw something about building websites and ranking them on Google to wrench the websites out. And that made a lot of sense to me. So if I could own a website, I could control the website, and then I could rent the leads or the phone calls out to another tradesman. So that’s what I started doing. So I have about 20 different websites for different trades or services across Australia. And I ranked them on Google and then I rent those leads out to a tradesman. And then that’s where so it’s, it’s basically ranking a website SEO. Now I’m also a member of BNI. Have you heard of BNI? So yes, there’d been I’s business networking international. And so they wanted me to join. And so I joined under the SEO umbrella and that’s where, you know, I came up with hello, SEO.

And I’ve been working on other people’s websites, creating content for them, helping their websites rank as well as creating different trade based websites that I rent out as well. But like anything you’re not going to get the phone calls. If your website doesn’t look trustworthy. And then that’s how the Google reviews really started as well. And that’s where I realized that’s where I could so easily help so many business owners by getting them more reviews, more trust, more credibility, better rankings on Google, which means they got better you know, more business coming in and that’s, and it’s a really cheap and low-cost way of helping them to get more business,

Miko Santos: What is your advice to young women that are thinking of going to entrepreneurship, of getting, or starting up a business? What do you, what is your experience in doing that?

Danielle Philips: All right. okay. So I’m always going to say, so always get a website built and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Okay. But you want someone who’s experienced with SEO to set it up for you? So I, you know, I say to people, you know, pretty, pretty websites don’t make your money. It’s a website that’s actually set up to be found in a Google search. That’s what, that’s what makes you money. Yes, it has to look good, but you don’t want to focus on all this stuff. That’s not relevant. What’s relevant to a website is to have the right keywords, the right page titles, the right meta descriptions, and to have it set up effectively so that Google’s going to want to crawl it. And it will find it as a credible website. And then the other step is to stay is to set up your Google, my business so that it’s a free platform.

Everyone needs to set that up and yeah, just spend some money on just getting the right advice. And, so that you’re not wasting, wasting your time doing things that don’t really make your money. So, and look, everyone does it. They want to be perfect before they start. But sometimes you’ve just got to start it without being perfect. You know, they call it imperfect action. The main thing is, um, is you find, and you find someone who’s doing what you want to do. Who’s a couple of steps ahead of you and try and ask for mentoring. You know you don’t ask a broke family member for advice. You find someone who’s already doing what you’re doing and you ask them for advice.

Miko Santos: So you need to also have a research on your idea and just someone already has that as well. Correct?

Danielle Philips: Yes and no. So this is where people fall into a trap is like, I’ve got this idea, but I’m too scared to tell anyone, well, a secret you know, if you’re going to keep it a secret well then no one’s ever going to know about it. And you’re going to earn any money with the secret are you and then the other thing is everyone wants to be the first or the most unique, well, if you’re the first or the most unique, no one’s going to understand what it is that you do. So it’s going to take time for people to understand or trust what it is that you’re trying to bring to the market. So sometimes it’s better to be the first, the third or the fourth, or even the fifth person to bring an idea to the market, see what’s working and how can you improve upon it. So that’s what, you know, that’s what you look at is what do people actually want? What are people actually prepared to spend money on now? How can you make it better so that you can grab a share of that market?

Miko Santos: So you have to have an idea and that idea has to resolve the problem.

Danielle Philips: 100 Percent. There’s no use creating something that you think is amazing that no one is prepared to spend money on it, or no one really needs it because they can do it themselves.

Miko Santos: So next question on this, I already asked this, so some of our guests on my show are that you have an idea you know you can do it, but the imposter syndrome kicks in. Have you experienced that

Danielle Philips: Nearly every day of the week, even when I was a hair and makeup artist, I was constantly second guessing myself, wondering when a people going to realize that they could choose a better hair and makeup artist you know, doing SEO work, you know, you second guess it’s like, Oh, what if I haven’t picked the right words? You know, that I’m sure there’s somebody out there who could do a better job than me constantly. I mean, I have to say that with what I’m doing with perfect review, I don’t have any of that. It’s, it’s really funny because I know that we’re one of the first companies to even offer anything like this. So we’re doing the opposite. We’ve got this brand new idea that we’re bringing to market, and everyone’s a bit like we don’t quite understand what it is that you do. So I’ve got absolutely no imposter syndrome at all, because I know that what we’re doing is so unique and so amazing, but we’ve got the other hurdle of where people are a little bit unsure about. I’m not quite sure what it is that you’re offering. So that’s what our battle is. So for once I’ve got rid of the imposter syndrome that now we’ve got another hurdle to cope with.

Miko Santos: So what is your tips to people entrepreneur to get rid of imposter syndrome based on your experience?

Danielle Philips: I don’t know. All I can say is not to read it’s right. So you go into, so basically everyone on social media is trying to portray themselves a certain way. So they show us, you know, a set up photo of what their life looks like. The thing is, as we all know, what is shown in a social media post is nothing like what is going on in real life. So at the moment, you’re looking at, at me on screen and I’ve got a photo behind me and, you know, it’s all calm around me, but what you’re not saying is I’m sitting on my bed, I’ve got a pillow underneath my laptop. I’ve got the dog trying to sit on my lap at the same time. My kids are being banished outside, playing cricket in 30 degree weather. So they don’t disturb me on this podcast.

So, you know, it’s a whole, what you’re portraying online is not even half the truth of what’s going on in real life. And this is what we do is we look at all these other people on social media and we think, look how amazing they look. I’m nothing like that. Well, the whole thing is they’re not like that either. They’re exactly the same as what we are. So it’s just to stop, stop judging, or stop thinking that other people are better than you because they’re probably not. And they’re probably on, exactly the same journey as what you are.

Miko Santos: Thank you for that. So let’s talking about social media, Facebook, or Instagram, Pinterest with this social media platform. Do you think S E O is dead?

Danielle Philips: Oh, hell no. Even if you love Pinterest. Okay. You need SEO for Pinterest. If you have an e-commerce store and so many people want to start selling online, you need SEO. Okay. Um, if you sell on Amazon, okay. You need SEO to sell on Amazon because Amazon has his own SEO algorithm. Okay. So everyone needs to know, um, the basics of SEO and that can be keyword research. So again, on social media, you’re using hashtags. Okay. You research the hashtags to use exactly the same thing. As in Google, you make sure you’re using the right words in the right places. And, and video video content is huge. YouTube is owned by Google. So it’s, and that’s got its own algorithm and SEO, um, basis. Again, SEO will always be around in some shape way, or form, even when you talking to your iPhone and say, Hey, Siri,

What’s the new thing it’s choosing, it’s using SEO or the Google algorithm to find a response to your question. So, no, it’s not dead, but I, I hope that it’s going to become less confusing for more business owners going forward and that they will have some idea about what they’re paying for and not to get sucked into expensive SEO services that they really don’t need, or SEO services that aren’t doing their business. Any good.

Miko Santos : Next Question. So a lot of businesspeople particulalary small business, doesn’t know seo. So they just put a website and that’s it. So how would you tell them just in a layman term, what is an SEO and what is the main purpose of keyword and SEO as well?

Danielle Philips: Hey, so how I tell business owners, I say, so you’ve bought yourself a fancy sports car. You’ve got a Lamborghini and sitting in your driveway and you don’t put any petrol in it. What’s the use of having a Lamborghini If it’s only going to sit in your driveway and only you and your neighbors are going to see it, if you want it to be found, you need to put some petrol in it so that it can be so other. So, you know, it will drive you places and other people are going to see it and, you know, see you in your Lamborghini. So a website’s the same thing. Yeah. You can throw up a website onto the net, but it doesn’t mean to say anyone’s going to see it or find it. If you don’t have the right set up on it, it’s, it’s never going to be found, or it will be found by only a couple of people.

So you really need to do some research and it actually makes me a bit, you know fab for a business owner, is there a lot of website designers out there who design websites and they put it together all incorrect from an SEO point of view. They’re so busy making a website look nice that they don’t set it up correctly to be found, you know, to be what they say. Google’s got all these different spiders or bots that read the content and it reads it in a certain way. Okay. So it’s, you know, the way the page is set up, it’s how we set it up is for Google to read it. I don’t, you know, it’s not for a human to read it, if that makes sense. And so what a website designer is, they make it for the human.

They’re not making it the, for the Google bots. And it’s got to be a fine line. You know, they might put a big heading somewhere on a web page, whereas Google one set, heading to be at the top, but the website designer might put it in the middle. So it’s not in the right order if that makes sense. And or they’re using keywords, you know, descriptive words that just aren’t gonna make the money. You know, you’ve really got to find out what are the, what are people typing into Google to find you? So if you have a podcast, say a business podcast, you’re going to your podcast website as a business podcast channel because that’s what people are going to type in. They’re going to look for or small business podcast. They’re not going to look up, you know, pretty in pink podcasting. They’re going to look for small business podcasts, or they’re going to look for businesswomen podcasting. You know, you’ve got to have those keywords either in the title or in the description.

Miko Santos: Well, so that’s a lot of information. So on earlier, we discuss it differently. You said there are different types of SEO and there are all different types of SEO techniques. So which SEO techniques are popular right now?

Danielle Philips: They’re all popular. And it’s really, it’s, it’s really confusing. Google at the moment, in the last two years, here’s all I have been doing these what they call algorithm updates. And you know there were a couple of big ones you know, people might’ve heard of penguin or Panda, they were Google updates where they changed the way, um, searches were done. But lately they’ve been doing updates every three to six months and it can absolutely crash a website overnight. So the main thing is, is you need really good content. So content that reads well. So you need good content that people will read and that people will stay on your website for. So that’s where adding a video is really good. So what Google does is looks at a website as trustworthy. Okay. So the trustworthy, you want a website, that’s got a couple of pages.

It’s nice to have a contact us page. It needs to have an about us page and it should have some sort of privacy page as well. And it needs to have a name and address, phone number and email somehow some way to contact the website owner. Then the other thing that we’ll look for is great content. So you should have at least 500 words of content on every page, and you should have some images on every page, as long as it makes sense to have images like you were you know, doing articles. You’d only have, say one photo. If you’re doing a gallery, like a photographer and you need more photos. Okay. Cause that’s what your business is. The other thing that Google really looks for is so trust, okay. Also the longer your website’s been online, it means that it’s more trustworthy. So a business that’s only six months old is not gonna have the same trust as a business. That’s been online for 5 years. So that every year, your website gains a little bit more trust in Google’s eyes because it’s been around longer, which means you’re still in business, which means you must be doing something good. Okay. It also

To have relevant backlinks. Now backlinks are from other websites and as a vote of confidence. So every website should have some backlinks and some easy ones to get a directory, like to have your name and website listed on places like yellow pages or on bright local or Yelp um, to have something like even a Facebook page. So Google can match up that your businesses on Facebook, and it can match up that your businesses on Instagram, it can match up that your business is on Twitter. So again that you’re relevant, you know, you, you just not go a website. You’ve also got these other pages that link to your website as well. And then if you have a Google, my business set up, then yeah. Having things like regular Google reviews coming, also show Google that you’re relevant. You’re trustworthy that people are liking and booking you so reviews really, really matter.

And then the longer that people stay on your website for, so if someone types in, into a Google search say electrician and, and they go to a page and it’s sort of not a very good website. It’s not and people go this doesn’t look good. And I click off it. And then they might click onto another website and it might be an electrician’s website. And it’s really well set out. It’s got a couple of videos to watch. It might have some photos of before and after work. It might have some information about how, why they’re a qualified electrician. And then that person will stay on that website for a longer amount of time. And Google’s measuring that. So the first website that was a bit garbage that we just clicked off on. It’s going to slowly stop recommending that website because obviously, it’s not the correct website to show, but the website that has people staying on it for a longer amount of time, that must be the right website to show because people want to stay there and read and look at the website. So that website will start to be shown more and more often. So that’s, yeah, that’s sort of in a nutshell about why, um, yeah. What Google looks for and then also those backlinks. If you’ve got some good backlinks coming from well-trusted sites, again, it shows Google that you must be trusted and well-respected to have these other websites linking to your website.

Miko Santos: So you’re saying Google review, why is Google review is important, and why they matter to an entrepreneur and a small business?

Danielle Philips: I thought you would never ask me, Miko . All right. So think about when we go and buy something online, what does everyone does you tell me if you’re about to buy something? What do you do, Miko? You’re at to look for a new car. You’re going to buy a new car. What’s the first thing that you start doing?

Miko Santos: I usually go to the review first. Make sure, make sure it’s five-star sometimes.

Danielle Philips: Yeah. So basically, so whenever you’re reviewing something, you might, I’ll say family and friends and say, Hey, who did you use? Or what did you buy? Or where did you go? And they might say, Oh, you know, I did this or did that. So you’ll go online and you’ll have a look. And you might say, Oh, they’ve got a Facebook page or that’s good yet. They’ve got some photos. And then you might do a Google of them, Google their name and just check and see if there are any reviews about them anywhere. And then if they’ve got a Google, my business, you’ll also see their reviews and then you’ll start rating them. So that’s why reviews are so important is because it’s basically, it’s creating a trust for someone to contact you or to buy your product or to book that holiday or to go to that restaurant because people want to know that they’re not being ripped off and that they’re not going to have a bad experience.

So they look at reviews. Now the thing is, it’s really, really hard to get people to leave reviews. So, you know, how many times have you had a great experience some way, and you’ve never even bothered to write a good review, but you’ve been somewhere and it’s been terrible. They’ve been rude, or your meal was really late. Or the hotel room was really bad as smelled to cigarette smoke. The first thing you’re going to do is you want to start complaining and you possibly, and you’re going to start telling friends, and then you’ll possibly even put a review out there and say, this was really not a good experience. So, you know, bad news travels a lot faster than good news. Say to even get clients, to leave a review, it’s really, really difficult. And that’s what, how we came up with what we do.

But the other reason why Google reviews and even reviews on different platforms matter. So even if you are on or Trustpilot, they’re still looking at that platform because they are a trusted platform. And so if it seems that some electrician, you know, at electrical companies also getting reviews on Trustpilot, it’s showing, okay, these guys are, you know, they’re good at what they’re doing. And if they’ve also got Google reviews and there are constant reviews, positive reviews coming in, it’s showing Google again, that the business is active. They’ve got happy customers. And then the best part of getting reviews if people use the keywords. So we mentioned keywords. Imagine any people started using keywords in these reviews and said, you know, great local electrician or fantastic Japanese restaurant or great family, family holiday motel, you know, these sort of keywords that people are typing in to find places. So if they use those keywords in a review, it’s just letting Google connect the dots. So they’re saying, okay, they’ve mentioned electrician three times in these reviews. Obviously, he’s an electrician, or if it’s a plumber and they’ve said, blocked drains, well, this plumber must do blocked drains. And so it’s just reminding Google what it is that your business does. And then how we came up with the solution for that is can I show an example of what it is that we do?

This is what we do. So when we have, we work with a lot of trades, people is we give them, what is it reviewed card? So it’s like a plastic credit card and it’s got a QR code on there. So if anyone wants to take a photo of that, they can actually do a QR code and go to my review page. But imagine this is a, on the other tradesmen and I’ve just seen a client and I ask them, have I done a great job? And the client says, yes. And the tradesman says, can I send you an invoice? And they say, yep. Yep. I’ll pay the invoice. Everything looks great. And then they say, would you leave me a review? And the client says, yeah, of course, I’ll leave a review. I’ll do it later. Do you know what will happen? They’ll never leave the review. So I imagine you pull this little card out of your pocket and you go to their clients firing, this is an Android you tap and you can open it up.

And now the customer can leave a review on the spot. Amazing, amazing, easy, so easy, tap a card. And they can just leave a review on the spot, or if their phone doesn’t open up for what, if it’s an older cell phone, they can use the QR code and just scan it and opens it up onto the same page. Imagine if the trainee was really smart and they said, Hey, let’s take a photo of the work I’ve just done for you. Let’s take a photo of the brand new shower recess or the brand new, or I’ve just mowed your lawns or the brand new car detailing I’ve done. And they take a photo. And then the customer leaves a review as well. photos and reviews do so much better than just leaving a review. So, and then that all basically helps a small business to get found in a local Google search.

Miko Santos: What an amazing application that it’s easy and quick to get a review

Danielle Philips: Oh, instant on the spot. No excuses. There’s none of these. I’ll do it later. Or if you email me a link, I’ll do it when I think about it. So you can basically do it on the spot, on a client’s spine and they can, they can choose where to leave it. So a business needs to set up different review platforms like Facebook or Google or Trustpilot or TripAdvisor or one flare or true, true local. If they’ve got accounts with them, then we can link them all up. And then the client can choose where they want to lead the review as well. Not everyone has a Google account set up, so they might leave a Facebook recommendation. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook, so they might leave a review on trust pilot. So, but it doesn’t matter because reviews all over the place are all helping a business’s reputation. And Google is also watching to see what is being said about different businesses on different platforms as well.

Miko Santos: Thank you so much. So do you have any final advice? Anything else you want to share with our entrepreneurs Who also people starting up a business in relation to SEO

Danielle Philips: So for SEO, absolutely pay somebody to do your keyword research, pay someone to do some really good content for you, that keyword research and that really good content will last you for many years on your website. And it will give your website a massive boost that most websites don’t have to ask, ask for reviews straight away, straight up, start collecting reviews or testimonials and have them in places where people can find them. So if you’ve got a Google, my business get reviews, if you’ve got a Facebook page, get recommendations set up. If you have an online store set up a trust, pilot, get Trustpilot reviews, um, have testimonials on your website because people are reading, they want to see what’s going on. Um, and yeah, just make yourself look amazing online. Okay. So that you look trustworthy and credible. So people are willing to reach out and, you know, send you an inquiry or make a phone call, and then you have a chance to sell yourself. So, you know, by making yourself look great online, it gives you that opportunity to then close the deal. If you don’t look great online, then you’re never even going to get that phone call or email in the first place.

Miko Santos: Thank you for that. So do you have any parting word or if anyone wanted to contact you?

Danielle Philips: Sure. So I, you can find me at hello, hopefully Miko you got a link to me somewhere in this amazing podcast that you do on LinkedIn under Danielle Phillips and or you can find me at perfect review .io so, and happy to help if people want some help with keyword research, I can do that if you need some help with content into that if you need some help with your website, I can do that. If you need more Google reviews. Hell yes, I can do that too.

Danielle Philips: All right. Thank you so much, Danielle. So to our listener and audience as well. So who’s going to be watching Facebook and YouTube and also listening to all podcast platform. So all the links that Danielle say mentions will be on our show notes. So click that. And then Danielle is happy to have a chat with you about your business, how to grow as well, using the SEO. Thank you so much for your time. And thank you and see you next week for another episode of the tribe podcast under AusPod syndicate. And also I would like to thank to my sponsor Kangaroofern Media Lab. It’s a podcast management service. if you want to have your own podcast, you want to launch your own podcast, just call them and book.

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