Starting at $90 PER EPISODE

Podcast Editing

Letting someone else edit your podcast may be one of the biggest decisions you make as a podcaster. The key to making this work is finding an editor you can trust, someone who cares about your podcast (almost) as much as you. We only work with the best editors with years of experience specifically editing podcasts. They are not only skilled in removing mistakes and long pauses but they also mix and master your recording so it sounds the best it possibly can. We have editors who focus more on single host and interview-style shows, as well as those who can help bring your scripted drama to life.

Starting at $4 PER EPISODE


We are committed to helping independent podcasters benefit from the power of dynamic advertising. This helps your show make more money because you can monetize all your episodes (including your library of content), and it’s also better for the advertiser because it gives them more control over their message and who receives it. This service formats your episodes so they’re prepped and ready for dynamic ads. It includes removing old “baked-in” ads, adding transitions into the breaks, leveling the audio so it’s consistent, re-uploading the episodes to your podcast host provider and placing the ad markers.

Starting at $50 PER hour


There are many amazing tools to help you record your podcast with ease- and that’s a good thing! But if you’re new to podcasting, it’s always a good idea to have an expert show you the ropes. Our sound engineers are available to help you record your shows remotely with confidence. They’ll show you best practices to ensure your tracks are recorded in the highest quality possible (your editor will love you for it)! Planning to record on location from a special event? Whether you’re recording in your home, in studio, or taking your show live on the road, we’ll make sure you have everything you need for success!

Starting at $30 per hour


Podcasts can be complicated. There are guests to schedule, scripts to write, episodes to promote. Even though you may have worn all these hats in the past, hiring a podcast producer to organize and grow your show may be exactly what you need. If you’ve ever thought, “I just want to focus on creating great content”. Well, now you can! Our podcast producers are here to help optimize every aspect of your show so you can accomplish your goals- faster. They are the backbone of your podcast, helping you and your team stay organized, focused and ready to tackle new opportunities that come your way!

Starting at $99 per session


Podcasting is often a solo sport- but it doesn’t have to be. Everybody needs some support when planning the future of their show – even if it’s just to get a second opinion! Our podcast coaches are also podcasters themselves, so they understand what’s needed to take your show to the next level. Share your overall vision for your show, and each time you meet with your coach, you’ll get a clearer picture of the steps you need to take to turn the goals into reality. Connect with your coach online, through our special Zoom video consultations, and meet as often as you’d like.

Starting at $50 for web graphics


Potential listeners are flipping through podcasts on their favorite apps, and discovering new shows while scrolling through social media. But, are they stopping at your show? As a podcaster, the importance of your artwork and graphics cannot be overstated, so don’t skimp out. Hey, we all love Canva, but some things should really be done by the professionals. 🙂 Whether you’re thinking about rebranding or prepping your next podcast launch, our designers are here to create amazing, jaw-dropping graphics that enhance your brand and effectively promote your show.

Starting at $45 for show notes


Need a creative writer? No problem! Our writing team is skillfully trained to create copy that’s consistent with your voice and overall branding. We’ll create episode titles, descriptions and show notes that are meaningful, effective and also great for SEO purposes. Looking for a way to streamline your dynamic ads? Our writers examine bullet points and notes provided by the advertiser to create compelling ad copy that you can voice to attract listeners and keep your sponsors coming back for more. See sample show notes.

Starting at $50 for intros/outros


It’s important for your podcast to have a show format. This allows your listeners to follow along more easily and feel more comfortable. Podcast intros and outros are great ways to brand your podcast. This may include theme music for your show and a voiceover that explains what your show is about. And if you’re thinking about cross-promoting your show with other podcasters, then you need a podcast promo! Our experienced podcast and marketing experts are here to excite your listeners to get them coming back for more.

Starting at $360 for music


Music can make or break your podcast. The right music can bring your words to life, and the wrong music will cause listeners to unsubscribe. If you’re working on something special, where you need music that’s a bit more personal than royalty-free music, then consider working with our musicians to create custom music or jingles for your show. Our team will work closely with you to develop the exact sound you’re looking for. You’ll own 100% of the music and you’ll can request as many revisions as you’d like.

Starting at $355 per month


So, you’ve got a podcast, now what? How do you get people to actually listen to it? Your podcast may have a presence on every single social media platform ever created, but are your efforts actually working? We believe in the power of social media, but we’re more interested in making social actually work for you. That’s why our social media service starts with a consultation and a detailed plan. Our social team works alongside the podcaster to create both organic and paid advertising that really convert!

$30 per hour


Most new podcasters are a bit surprised to discover who much is involved in releasing a new podcast episode- week after week. And while you may be wearing all of those hats in the very beginning, adding a virtual assistant to your team may be exactly what you need. Our virtual assistants are specifically trained to help with common podcasting tasks such as emailing, scheduling guests, writing/blogging, posting episodes online, basic website updates, creating audiograms and posting social media graphics.

Starting at $5 per episode


We believe you should repurpose your content whenever possible. Don’t just create a podcast, but use that information to create additional resources such as blog posts, audiograms and social media posts. And all of this starts with having an accurate transcription of your episode. We have a team of transcriptionists ready to deliver your words onto the page- whether it’s one episode or you’re looking to transcribe for all the podcasts on your network!

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