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Align Your Purpose & Unlock Your Business Potential| Nic Henry Jones

Nic Henry Jones, Founder of MarketMe Marketing, has a unique way of helping start-up companies and entrepreneurs in Australia. Because of her emphasis on finding alignment first with their life purpose, this gives her clients a distinct branding voice tha

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Scale for Success

Starting A Business Is The Easy Bit. Surviving and then growing it is far harder.
Scaling it to morph into a bigger venture is perhaps the toughest step of all, with a gigantic failure rate. Suddenly, it becomes much more difficult to manage and sustain

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Making Money on Podcasting | PodKaiMedia

Thinking about starting a podcast Agency. In this episode, I ’m talking to Kai Villanueva who is starting is own Podcast agency and she’s sharing with us how she started and help and tips if you thinking in getting into Podcasting.

Kai Villanueva is t

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Why is Mental Health is Important during this Pandemic

For this episode , Our guest is Freedom Summit Global CEO Celia Jacob . A creative entrepreneur and a Certified Life Coach.

Celia Alamo Jacob is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, she majored in Advertising Arts. A single mom to

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IS Covid-19 a great Disruptor

Our guest is the founder of Chooks SA, Moira Wewe AM.

CHOOKS was founded by Moira Were AM to address the gender investment gap in start ups and social enterprises by:
– connecting women across the generations
– learning from one another and build a c

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What is Digital PR

Erin Carey from Roam Generation a Digital PR and Communication. Erin tackles DIgital PR and how he set up his business because of her passion in Travel .

Roam Generation

Instagram : Facebook:https://www.face

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Dogs to help children learn to read

Leah Sheldon and Janine Sigley formed the non-profit Story Dogs organisation in 2009 in Murwillumbah, NSW. At the time both Leah and Janine had primary school aged children.

After seeing a similar program operating in the USA on the internet they decid

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The Power of Social Media

Mikyla Gilbert known as the Ideas Chick have over 24 years of experience working in the South Australian media, food, wine, art, and entertainment industries, as well as working with exciting clients in retail, tourism, education, fashion, building, local

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Women empowerment in Business

For this Episode , We talking about Women Empowerment and the power of Social Media, Danielle Arkit of Socialmediasupermum.

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Why is Mindfulness is important ?

Born in country South Australia, Karina Chapman is an Adelaide-based speaker, facilitator and author who has always had a love of communication through both the spoken and written word.

Her goal is to inspire others, by sharing the wisdom she has gaine

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