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Do You Need a Business Coach?| Samantha Morris

SUMMARYAre you looking for a female mentor to guide you in the unchartered world of business? Look no further as we hear from Samantha Morris, a Fempire Business Coach from Australia. Listen as she shares how finding the right coach can make a difference in your endeavor to start and grow a business.
Fempire is the brain child of CEO and Founder, Marnie LeFevre. Marnie fundamentally believe that “the future is female” and together with the Fempire Coaches, they strive to provide the support, tools and resources to aid in empowering women through entrepreneurship.

  •   Fempire- an organization dedicated to helping women in business be successful by teaching them what they need to know and supporting them in their undertakings. [1:49]
  • How to find the right business coach with who you have a good relationship with [2:38|
  • The difference between a business coach and a consultant- a coach stays on the sidelines and cheers you on as you do the work while a consultant will do some work for you. [5:27]
  •  Reflection. Questions you need to ask yourself before starting a business- take your focus off making lots of money and instead make it a passion. [8:45]
  • The qualities of a good entrepreneur with the greatest one being creativity [13:13
  •  How to conduct thorough industry research before starting a business to ensure you become a successful entrepreneur. [15:15]
  •   The five things you need to know before you jump on entrepreneurship [19:52]
  •  Start by reaching out to a business coach to help you out as you start a business [21:41]

ABOUT THE GUESTSamantha Morris is an experienced and highly-trained Fempire Business Coach. Having successfully ran her own business while raising a family of five children, she has proven to be an outstanding problem solver and process-driven strategist. Armed with these skills, her current focus is helping women succeed as entrepreneurs in Australia.
THANKS SO MUCH FOR LISTENING and we hope you enjoyed the show!
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