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Align Your Purpose & Unlock Your Business Potential| Nic Henry Jones


Nic Henry Jones, Founder of MarketMe Marketing, has a unique way of helping start-up and struggling entrepreneurs in Australia. Because of her emphasis on finding alignment first with their life purpose, this gives her clients an advantage and distinct branding voice that helps them stand out and unlock their true business potential.
Since 2010, Market Me Marketing was one of the first to utilize social media marketing and offers creative, innovative and flexible marketing solutions to both SMEs and Corporations, which has made it a key player in Australia’s business sphere.


Focus first on the WHY instead of the HOW. Before setting up systems and seeking income, having the right mindset is of utmost importance for a thriving business. (2:32)
Realize that in every brand – a person, a family, or someone’s hopes and dreams is behind it. (3:28)
Advanced preparation (including sleeping in on your ideas!) and having an icebreaker is the secret to successful public speaking (9:48)
The best way to learn is to follow the ‘damn good ones’ in your industry (12:52)
Social media marketing is more accessible and affordable with the help of online tools (25:20)


Nic Henry Jones is a purpose-driven creative, passionate about ‘unlocking potential’. Her 10 years of experience in running a Marketing Company, and working with hundreds of brands & individuals and over 200 speaking engagements and workshops, positions her with a unique understanding and insight into what is required to ‘unlock potential’ in individuals, businesses, and organizations.
Nic is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Thought Leader, Educator, Keynote Presenter, Coach, and Author passionate about meeting Individuals, Businesses, and Organisations where they are at, and strategically moving them to where they need to be. A purposeful visionary and action taker, Nic has a unique ability to engage, empower and inspire people to be their best whatever the context.
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Miko Santos is a Podcaster and Youtuber that was formerly based in New Zealand.
Aside from being a creative copywriter for TV and Radio in the last, Miko worked as a features writer/journalist for eight years in the Philippines – covering big events such as EDSA 2 and 3 and the 2011 Christchurch Killer Earthquake for GMA 7. He was also a PR Manager in Thailand for two years.
At present, he is focused on podcasting and thrives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two kids.

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