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#9 Tim Krotiris – Helping others to be successful


What is your responsibility as a business owner during this pandemic? Do you agree as Entrepreneurs our responsibility to rebuild the economy?

In today’s episode, our guest Tim Krotiris, founder, Philotimo Global will give ways to assist us on how to grow your  business  and why  networking with other Small business is important

Tim Krotiris is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of building companies. He has built successful companies for over 20 years in industries such as health, manufacturing, marketing, and digital advertising.

In 2015, he founded Philotimo Global, a growth consultancy designed to systematically execute rapid growth and profitability strategies for businesses in a number of sectors. In the past three years, the business has consulted in both specific projects and ongoing performance retainers with over 100 different companies in 35 industries. Currently, the business is responsible for an increase of $75 million in client revenues with an average client growth achievement of between 20% – 50% per year.

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