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For  Women Entrepreneurs

Hosted by  Miko Santos

The  Tribe Podcast Show is a production of Kangaroofern media Lab, which is all about supporting YOU to start and build a thriving business. On THRIVE, we connect you with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and organizations that provide capital, mentorship, training, tools, and other support to help you to make your vision reality, faster.



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30 :Cris Santos | Go out and promote your brand

Can you use social media to grow our business? In this episode, Cris A. Santos , a content creator/blogger that writes about travel, fashion, and lifestyle will...

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29 : Anna Osherov | Why having a clarity in your business is a must

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28 : Jenn Donovan, Founder of Buy from the Bush Business – What is human to human marketing?

In this episode, Jenn Donovan, CEO of Social Medial and Marketing Australia tell us the story and inspiration in creating this 310k member group Buy from a...

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27 : Maria Baker, Founder of Nobody’s Princess – Becoming An Entrepreneur

In this episode, Maria Backer, founder, and director of Nobody’s Princess, tells us the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and overcoming the challenges in a business.

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