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Hosted by  Miko Santos

The  Startup, Boostrap, Finance Podcast Show is a production of Kangaroofern media Lab, talks to leading entrepreneurs and investors to help entrepreneurs finance their businesses.



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#8 Philippe Guichard – Good business by design

Do you have a great idea but you’re not sure where to start? Does your product or design strategy need refreshing? In today’s episode, our guest is Philippe Guichard an...

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#7 Vince Warnock – Founder of Chasing the Insights Academy, Entrepreneurship is a high calling

Do you want to know what is the three common traits for being Entrepreneurs Today’s guest is Vince Warnock, former co-founder of Common Ledger and creator of Chasing the...

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#5 Sarah St John – Online Business on a Bootstrapping

How to start an online business with just $5? Today’s guest is Sarah St. John , founder, and CEO of PodSeam will tell you how and discuss the...

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#6 LLyod Ross – Start growing your own Money Tree

Want to know how to Bootstrapping to success? Today’s guest is Llyod Ross, author, and founder of Money Grows on Trees and co-founder of The Side Hustle Secret. Ross...

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