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#11 Stephen & Donna Fry – Why building relationship is important in business

Why building relationship is good in business? In this episode, Stephen and Donna Fry tell us their stories why mentorship is very important while starting up your business. They also...

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#10 Jim Penman – To successful looking after your customer first

If you thinking of trying to go on a franchising business? Think again. Franchising is good if you research and know what you are doing. In today’s episode, our guest...

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#9 Tim Krotiris – Helping others to be successful

What is your responsibility as a business owner during this pandemic? Do you agree as Entrepreneurs our responsibility to rebuild the economy? In today’s episode, our guest Tim Krotiris, founder,...

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Tribe Podcast

29 : Anna Osherov | Why having a clarity in your business is a must

In this episode, Holistic Business Hub Founder Anna Osherov discusses the importance to have clarity around your product and service and who is your ideal customer. She also explained to...

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28 : Jenn Donovan, Founder of Buy from the Bush Business – What is human to human marketing?

In this episode, Jenn Donovan, CEO of Social Medial and Marketing Australia tell us the story and inspiration in creating this 310k member group Buy from a...

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27 : Maria Baker, Founder of Nobody’s Princess – Becoming An Entrepreneur

In this episode, Maria Backer, founder, and director of Nobody’s Princess, tells us the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and overcoming the challenges in a business.

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