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#8 Philippe Guichard – Good business by design

Do you have a great idea but you’re not sure where to start? Does your product or design strategy need refreshing?

In today’s episode, our guest is Philippe Guichard an award-winning, international Industrial Designer, with over 25 years of experience

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#7 Vince Warnock – Founder of Chasing the Insights Academy, Entrepreneurship is a high calling

Do you want to know what is the three common traits for being Entrepreneurs Today’s guest is Vince Warnock, former co-founder of Common Ledger and creator of Chasing the Insights Academy

He also discusses why is important that you have mentor and co

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#5 Sarah St John – Online Business on a Bootstrapping

How to start an online business with just $5? Today’s guest is Sarah St. John , founder, and CEO of PodSeam will tell you how and discuss the different ways to make money online.

We also talk about the future of podcasting why this medium is one of th

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#6 LLyod Ross – Start growing your own Money Tree

Want to know how to Bootstrapping to success? Today’s guest is Llyod Ross, author, and founder of Money Grows on Trees and co-founder of The Side Hustle Secret.

Ross also discusses passive income that entrepreneurs can do and why to cope up with bur

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#4 Daniel Gefen – Why Podcasting is powerful to deliver your message

Why you should be guesting on Podcasts?. Today’s guest is Daniel Gefen, founder, and CEO of PodBooker will give us insight into why Guesting on Podcast is important to grow your business.

Mr. Gefen said Podcast interviews convert 25 times better

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#3 Trav Bell – Life is to short not do your Bucket List

Do you want to create your own reverse Bucket list? This episode’s guest, The Bucket list Guys Travi Bell visited the Bootstrap Podcast to help our fellow entrepreneurs make their own Bucket list and also educate, inspire and encourage others to embrac

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Power of Podcasting | Dave Jackson

As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new ways to continue growing our projects and take it further. Therefore, in this episode, I would like to talk to you about The Power of Podcasting.

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Is comics good for the kids

For this Episode, Dan McGuiness from Greenlight Comic will discuss comics in the Modern digital Age and the impact of comics on our Society.

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Why is Mental Health is Important during this Pandemic

For this episode , Our guest is Freedom Summit Global CEO Celia Jacob . A creative entrepreneur and a Certified Life Coach.

Celia Alamo Jacob is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, she majored in Advertising Arts. A single mom to

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What is Digital PR

Erin Carey from Roam Generation a Digital PR and Communication. Erin tackles DIgital PR and how he set up his business because of her passion in Travel .

Roam Generation

Instagram : Facebook:https://www.face

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