#24 Celeste Lustosa,founder of Lustosa Marketing – Be mindful with your Personal and business brand

Do you need to separate your Personal Brand and Business Brand as Entrepreneurs?

In this episode, Lustosa Marketing Founder Celeste Lustosa discussed the Personal Brand vs Business Brand.

She said having that clarity around your personal brand and w

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#23Janet Hogan,founder of 5th Door – Make money by making difference

A lifetime of studying human nature and her roller coaster of successes and failures became the foundation for Janet’s breakthrough work.

At 48 she had it all, except the one thing she’d spent her entire life chasing: the deep contentment that comes fr

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#22 Naiyer F. Khanom ,founder of wisecar – Women in Business

Experienced in entrepreneurship development and business innovation implementation projects, worked in gender and women economic empowerment with more than twelve years in the non-profit and corporate organisations.

Currently leading the Founder Insti

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#21 Kerryn Vaughan – Founder of Get off the Bench, Got an idea or project you want to get off the ground?

Got an idea or project you want to get off the ground? Or maybe you have many things running around inside your head, and you do not know where to start.

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Welcome to Tribe Podcast

The Tribe Podcast Show is a production of Kangaroofern Media Lab, which is all about supporting YOU to start and build a thriving business. On THRIVE, we connect you with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and organizations that provide capital, mentorship,

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Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Heidi Ricardo – The power of your Brain

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Heidi Ricardo. (@heidirecardo). Roar Confidence was created by Heidi Ricardo in 2020, during the midst of the turmoil.  As an innovative educator, Heidi saw an opportunity to have a global impact on personal development by taking her passion online and teaching on Zoom. She aims to empower…

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#20 Heidi Ricardo – Founder of Roarconfidence, Empowering You to Build Your CONFIDENT MINDSET

Do you want to teach your brain and empowering you to build your confident mindset and achieve your goals?

In today’s episode, Our guest Heidi Ricardo of Roar Confidence will explain to us and gaining Clarity about what you truly desire in life.

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Tribe Podcast Transcripts: Sarah St John – Online business on a budget

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Sarah St John (@sarahstjohn) She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, online course creator, and author. She has created several startups throughout her entrepreneurial career of over a decade.   She currently owns a podcast production agency called PodSeam. She is also the podcast host of “Frugalpreneur: Building a Business…

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#19 Danielle Phillips – Owner of HelloSEO and Partner at Perfect Review. Local SEO to get small businesses visible in a Google search.

Do you want your business to outshine your competitor in a Google Search? Today’s guest is Danielle Phillips, Director of HelloSEO

In this episode, Phillips will discuss how important is SEO to your business to get more traffic to your website a

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Bootstrap Podcast Transcripts: Daniel Gefen – Podbooker founder, why Podcast guesting is important for your business

Please enjoy this transcript of my interview with Daniel Gefen (@danielgefen) went from jumping on classroom tables and getting detention for wanting attention to impacting millions of people in his underwear. He went from being completely invisible with no online following to growing his top-rated podcast to over 250,000 downloads, interviewing billionaires and world-class leaders,…

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