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Can you use social media to grow your business?

In this episode, Cris A. Santos,  a content creator/blogger that writes about travel, fashion, and lifestyle will share with us why you need to have great content and storytelling. 

She also said that writing is her first love and a great way to express her feeling which eventually created the  “one-way trip” book, a heartwarming story that can help others and bring awareness about the effects of drugs,

What we discuss with Cris Santos  in today’s episode:

        [03:11] Tell us about the “One way Trip” Book

        [09: 59] Why do you need to go out and promote your brand?  

        [19:42] Why you need to be surrounded by people  that support you

        [23:41 ] Determination is one of  the keys to be successful in your business

About the Guest

Cris Santos started taking pictures for a novel she wrote called One Way Trip by Cris A Santos, one of many BOOKS she has written.

Then in 2017 she launched PhotosbyCris Designs by becoming a Photographic Fashion Designer and on the same year she started a very successful Blog in Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle PHOTOSBYCRIS MAGAZINE.

In 2020 I became the owner of Trendy Fashion Online Store LUNABLUEGIRL then she studied Personal and Fashion Styling with the best in the industry and in 2021 she opened CRIS SANTOS STYLING to bring together her skills and help women and men from all over the world to develop their personal and professional image.

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Announcer: [00:00:00] Kangaroofern Production yeah.

Cris Santos: So it’s a great way. So you need to have, you need to have great content. If you’re thinking about starting a blog you will, you, you see, when you start a blog, you see that you put something out there and nobody sees it. Nobody sees. Waste to do that. And I learned the hard way because nobody, I kept looking and I couldn’t see how people are doing and took me out a lot.

And then. My tip here for you. If you starting a blog and not just blogging social media in general, and also Instagram is that you do have to go to all the blogs and all the Instagram accounts, and you do have to engage and comment on them so they can come and have a look at yours. That’s one thing that is.

Really from the very beginning. So start because you can put things that you’ll never going to get anything. If you actually it’s called social media for a [00:01:00] reason, you need to be social. The tribe podcast show is a production of kangaroo food media lab, which is all about supporting you to start and build a thriving.

Announcer: Tribe podcast on Auspod syndicates

Miko Santos: Cris Santos started taking picture for a novel. She wrote code one way trip by Chris. A center’s one of many books that she was written. Then in 2017, she launched photo by Chris design by becoming a photographic fashion designers. On the same year, she started a very successful blog in fashion, travel and lifestyle for those by Chris magazine.

In 2020, she became owner of 25 on main store, lunar blue girl. Then she studied personnel and fashion styling with the best in the industry. In 2021, she opened Chris Santos styling to bring together her skills and help women and men from all over the place. To develop their [00:02:00] personal and professional image.

Announcer: Welcome everybody to this week’s episode. We really appreciate you joining us. This podcast really shows us how we can all learn, live and thrive off of each other. By sharing our knowledge through our conversations, we will impart some knowledge loops, learning ourselves, how to progress even further.

Here is your Host.

Miko Santos: Cris welcome to the tribe podcast under Osbourne syndicate. Chris Santos. How are you today? I’m good. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you for having me. How are you? Good, good. Actually we’ll have the same last name I saw that. Yeah, that’s interesting. I saw very cool. It’s not a very useful, I can not very usual name isn’t any in Australia, so it’s so cool to see it.

All right., the first question is how did you start it to write a book? So [00:03:00] say you have. Love for taking photo and you’re also doing blogging as well. Can you take me back how it was started? So,

Cris Santos: sure. My love for writing has been there for us is a very early age. When I started writing in reading age seven, I start writing points.

I was, I loved poetry. That was my first love. And then I started writing, but I take and. I found a great way. Always writing is a great way for me to let it out or feelings. And when I write, I say, always say that I really write from the heart. So it’s, for me, it’s a great way to put everything on the paper and.

What are their feelings and let it out. , so I always go back to writing or when I am going through situations and that’s how we started. So we’ve one way trip. That was [00:04:00] exactly that. So I. Book is a heartwarming book, but it’s about drugs. So there were losses, two losses and three, but in this book I only have two stories.

So I talk about two people. One was my father who I never met, and I lost at the age of 12 we managed to meet him. When I turn 18, but he got killed when I was 12. And then I met I had a friend from age eight and I, he something really, said and tragic happened in his life. He lost a brother.

He loved. Daily. And he thought it was his fault too, which wasn’t. So he started drinking and getting involved in fights and he [00:05:00] wanted, and I was, we, I tried and I talked and I was waving my soul. Developing or how, where did the path he was taking? And so he said he felt so guilty because he invited his brother to go on a trip with him.

There was an accident. He lost his brother. He loved his brother. Like I’ve never seen a love for two brothers before. Like that is almost like that. He knew he was gonna lose him. And then he thought I took him in this trip and he died. It’s my fault. And no matter what we did and told him it wasn’t his fault.

So he got evolved. He kept saying, I want to go and meet him. I want to go to be with him. I want to go here. I could just see far evolved the fights and drugs. And then he also lost his life in one off the side. So I had my [00:06:00] father been killed and I had a friend, so I had one thing to do. And then I started writing.

That was one way at the time I wasn’t I needed to let it out. I did, I did try to change his mind or even try to save him. There is no way you can do with doesn’t if the person doesn’t want to. So I wrote, and I wrote eight hours a day sometimes, and I just want to write, and I cried every single page.

I wrote that book I cried and that was a way to let it out. That was a way also to everything I wrote. I said, one day, this is going to help someone. Let’s bring awareness to this. I don’t want anyone, anyone else. If I could stop the killing and the people dying because of drugs and alcohol, this [00:07:00] might help someone.

My be in like me it’s awareness. So I start writing for myself and also to help others. That’s how I start writing books. Yeah. That’s through, first of was one way trip. My Chris is samples. Yes.

Miko Santos: So are you planning to write more books aside from this one? The one way trip? This one,

Cris Santos: I look, I have so many and I stopped you because I kept things.

Is that a period then? But I do have, I have in my book, photobycris.com.au there is a session if you click shop and drop down their books. So you can have that. When I stopped blogging, after few years, I stopped blogging. I decided. Well blogging and how to help bloggers and also start writing about Instagram.

So how to help you to grow Instagram and. That is also another one [00:08:00] that I wrote, with, that is a quote, a book of quote trust that I took myself a flower photography. I wrote for my kids, which is young adults, teenagers. There. One is called spice on scooters. That is a really cool. I’d venture is fantasy book.

I never thought I was, I never thought about dry writing for kids, but at that five years ago, the age they were oriented scooters. And I thought, I love the Planetree live. I said, we need to stop destroying it. So let’s write a book for kids, young adults. It is called spies and scooter, but it’s really about saving the world and through saving nature.

So at the end of the story, it’s quite it’s a big surprise. So you have to read the whole thing to understand what is the most precious thing we have and it’s there at the very end and how it’s. So it’s bring [00:09:00] your awareness again, just plan it to the trees, to make. In a fun way, because I want the attention of young kids, young adults, or kids or teenagers, and it’s adventure all the way.

There is no, it’s not boring. It’s full of gadgets. It is fun. It’s really cool. It’s really fun. So it’s called a as far as on the scooters. It’s really cool. So if you’ll find out my books are books.

Miko Santos: So you’ve been, you’ve been a book writer, you’ve been a photographic fashion designer. You have a successful blogger, a blog.

You got your photo by cris magazine, you got your own fashion online shop store. So what was the one thing that really helped you your business take off?

Cris Santos: , I [00:10:00] think it’s time and patience she doesn’t take off like that, it doesn’t happen overnight. Awareness takes time and It’s just hard work.

It does not look. I never, I don’t have a lot of, I never had a lot of money behind me to go in because you need capital when you start a business. So I put time, time is also his estimate and you will need to put a lot of time. And I that’s what I did. So I stopped. And that’s when I stopped putting my pictures out there and then people saw the pictures and then they said, oh, take pictures.

Would you like to take pictures for me? And why don’t we have, like, for example, photos, bikers designs, where I put my pictures on clothes, someone saw my pictures off landscape, landscape pictures. So let’s put your images on my clothes. We, this third part. So I work with, with, uh, [00:11:00] red bubbles zone and did that.

I put my photography there and then all the companies saw me taking pictures in life. They picks off the fashion. They said, don’t do this for me. So I did. I started doing speeches. And then the lunar blue girl came and someone said, I didn’t want, I started this store. I don’t want, I don’t want his, it wasn’t his thing.

He’s like, it’s not, I don’t want to join it. I’m like, yeah. I was like I said, but I’m already doing this, but I went home, had the look and I’m like, oh, I love that. So what I’m doing for the brands, I can do not for myself taking the picture. So I said, I’ll have it. I want it. It’s exactly what I’m already doing now.

Okay. Boy, for myself too. And I still collaborate with all the brands, not just Luna Bluegirl I have my Instagram photos by Chris, which I have collaboration with several people, brands, beauty, fashion in general. So I also continue support team or [00:12:00] other brands, but I also in now I have a blog as well.

Yeah. But it’s all time. That is not, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, today. I just listen to something and someone’s that, little things make it is we all have many, many dreams. There’s more dreams. They will happen soon. But when you want, when you have big dreams, it takes time because it’s a bigger and it does.

So that’s exactly what happened. So everything takes time. It’s not going to happen tomorrow. You will need to put in a lot of effort. A lot of attention, a lot of work, a lot of time and invest, invest. Everything that comes in, goes back to the business. You know, and let people know. So Instagram is great.

Instagram is great too, to gain exposure, to connect, to let you know other people know about your brand [00:13:00] blogs and all the way that I found. I just take opportunities, everything that comes my way, I just do and take opportunities. And. Letting people know about what I’m doing. And that’s one way, if you know, I don’t have millions of dollars to put into my business, so I’d love to, but so until then, I will, you have to be creative on how you let people know, because there are so many people out there I can do this, but then it’s, you can’t do everything.

So you have to find ways yourself. To do this. and everything in my life was through opportunities. I never let an opportunity pass. And I learned that from an early age, once it goes, it goes, so I’ll just take as they come, I don’t let them go. They don’t pass them. I don’t take them. I take every single one off them and that’s how it doesn’t go.

It doesn’t happen overnight. And I think I’ve seen things happening overnight. For example, I’ve seen [00:14:00] many, not all of them, but many. If you see things that happen overnight, they seem to go boom, and then disappear. So it’s a steady growth and it’s every day and it’s all the time and you do have to work a lot.

I will, you know, every day. Every single spare time that you have. I’m always, from the time I go to bed that I’m not wake up. I look at my phone and I’m bleeding things towards my business and that’s how you grow. But I don’t think there’s another way. Like that’s how you, especially the beginning go to work and to go to work really hard.

So the next question I have for you is that, so you’ve been blogging and you’ve been advocating on social media as a business owner who is starting up or already have a business. How would you, can you give us at least five ways that to gain your business exposure to blogging and social media? Or can you increase your business’s brochure [00:15:00] brand awareness by using it?

Social media. Sure. It’s a great way. So you need to have, you need to have great content. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you will, you, you see, when you start a blog, you see that. Put something out there and nobody sees it. Nobody sees that waste to do that. And I, London hardware, cause nobody, I kept looking and I couldn’t see how people were doing and took me out a lot.

And then. My tip here for you. If you starting a blog and not just blogging social media in general, and also Instagram is that you do have to go to all the blogs and all the Instagram accounts, and you do have to engage and comment on them so they can come and have a look at yours. That’s one thing that.

Really from the very beginning. So start because you can [00:16:00] put things that you’ll never going to get anything. If you actually it’s called social media for a reason, you need to be social

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Again, do consider supporting those who support this show. This show is creating a cessation with Kangaroofern Media Lab. Australia’s independent podcast management agency. Back to Cris Santos on tripod gas, under all sports syndicate,

Cris Santos: stop looking at all the people that support other people. So you can get the support as well. And that’s a. Thing. That’s what I didn’t understand at the beginning, because it is everything online is awful, but it’s also so much out there online. You will be invisible. So you need to go out and comment in that way.

People come back to you and see your work. And if that is a connection, they will stay [00:19:00] and they will. Follow, rest the notification and subscribe do. And then you start growing from there. This is a big tip, but that was hard on each other. This, because I thought I’d just put out there and everyone would come.

No, no, it wasn’t like that. It was where does everyone want? Nobody comes here. So, yeah, that’s how I, that was a big, a big lesson, but that’s social media. You need to display it.

Miko Santos: Thank you for that. So , what have you removed from your life that has made you more productive?

Cris Santos: I am always, I have always been productive. I always liked doing a lot of things., the same time I love that. I worked at both. I liked creating, I like variety. I like doing different things. I don’t like I don’t get bored at all. I don’t [00:20:00] remove. I removed bad stuff from to be productive, to be honest.

That’s what makes me think. Let’s, let’s say if you are surrounded by people who tell you not going to work before you even had a really, really good goal. Well, guess what? That’s not going to work because you will feel like a failure before you even started remove the noise. Remove the people who don’t really truly my telling you go and do it.

Or I start working a week later, a month later, it’s not working that just create a big folk and then we will start thinking it’s definitely not working. Hold on a sec. It’s not going to happen in a day. It’s not going to happen a week on I’ve been even in a month, you will take times as low growth and it’s everyday.

It’s a step-by-step I step, keep going, keep going. That is really important to [00:21:00] put around, to be surrounded by the right people. , it’s not simple to just put it out there and it’s going to happen. I don’t know anyone who has done like that. I don’t know. I don’t even think exist. It takes time. It takes no, a lot of work or money or whatever you’re putting into it, but make sure that it’s you just stop the noise around because of the way.

There is no failure, in my opinion, I don’t. I say that because a lot of people say fail or you fail. No, that isn’t that our experiences. That is not failing my view. I have a master degree in linguistics. I am not a leader. I’m not working as a linguist, but I do speak to you in English. That’s not my first language I write in English.

I communicate with people in France. I can talk to people in Spain and I do in if they want, if they can’t speak English, I will. Or [00:22:00] if they prefer their language, I will do speak to them in their language. Well, that’s not knowledge. Is never wasted. It’s never, so I use it. I’m not, I’m not working as a linguist, but in a way, in a way I am, because I write books in English and I translated my bachelor was in translator translation.

I translate, I, my one way trip was written in Portuguese. I translate that to English and it’s not, it wasn’t as mobile. I actually split this book into, so just one has been released. It’s such a long book. So that’s why I created a tool a bit smaller. So it’s, it’s, it’s more, so you can get to the end soon and then you keep on it.

Yeah. So I decided to create two book. So there is no waste. There is no failure and don’t let people tell you that you’re failing. Knowledge is never a failure, a failure. I don’t see that. I don’t like [00:23:00] that. And people telling you, oh, I support you, but that the people come to you and do that. It’s because that is not real support.

So some Bronco supposed to support you to always, and that’s really important, or you will feel like you’re failing before you even really started.

Miko Santos: That’s a nice explanation. And so what is, what is the hardest thing that you’ve ever done in your life, either in the business or other for you too?

Cris Santos: Unique change and change can be really difficult. Mine was look up from, I am from Brazil originally. I was pointing to the wind. I had a dream to speak languages and travel the world. I didn’t have money. I didn’t know how I was going to do that. And I stayed [00:24:00] with very little money. I said, I’m leaving.

I’m going to eat. I think it’s uni, I’m going to England. I’m going to travel the world. I’m going to travel around Europe. I’m going to use all the language. I remember having pain after paying my tickets, I probably had 500 pounds at that time, nothing, but I went, you gotta be brave you, if you want to change, if you want to your dreams to come true, it wasn’t easy.

It was hard. I’m not going to say this is the hardest thing in my life. I’m talking about growth. There are too many other things that I think. Hardly in terms of in kids, because my kids, also, everything they had, of course, everything that had entered them, it has a huge impact on my, on my life. But personally, before kids and all that, I think I grew leaving my country and leaving.

 my mother I’m the only child. [00:25:00] I left with very little money. And that is a lot of story behind these. Actually I started a book I want to finish. I want to have time to finish that book. , and I will, because it’s really, there are a lot of stories in that. And that’s where I feel that I was a bigger, the biggest growth when I left and had to do everything myself in a different country, in a different language, which I didn’t find.

Mastered the way I should at that time. Yeah. I had to go. I went as a tourist. I became a student. I started working with, families. I start, I wasn’t open. And then I became a nanny and with the halo English and very little money. So I had to go through situations. Because, you know what, at the time they became a student, they, my friends said, look, you need to work or your money is going to go.

And I, so I started getting [00:26:00] jobs that weren’t quite suitable and I, you know, I, it was really difficult then there were so many stories. So I was with, dealing with thank goodness for my background, because I dealt with children with problems at that time. So I, with ADHD add. I manage and I don’t even know how I managed it.

I was earning 50 pounds a week as an open at that time. So it was, it was hard. But if you ask what was hard not, it was so many things that happened, you know, from people trying to cue us in where we lived in a house. And so scary looking after two children for crazy person next door. And, if you’re telling me what you do again, yes, I’ll do it again.

Doesn’t matter. It’s not a wanted to do it. It’s never easy for some reason, but I have done everything I wanted in my life through a lot of effort in difficulties, but I have done. And if I [00:27:00] haven’t done, I would be miserable. I would be so sad. I need to do the things I want to do. I need, I am a dream chase.

And if I don’t do that, I felt depressed when I stopped doing, when I stopped doing things alone. When I was trying to feeding, I don’t really want to fit in a box. I want to be outside this box and filling my life with the experience that I want hard, difficult, or. It is never easy. Do it the only way, because if you don’t do it, if you, if you strive to fail, if you try, if you try to leave people’s lives because they think that’s better for you, that’s not your life anymore.

You lose yourself. When you lose yourself, you get depressed. I did. And with my depression came a stroke. So. Long term depression. Long-term sadness. [00:28:00] Stress will cause physical illness. So all that, do it be happy. It’s not easy, but you’ll be happy even though it’s hard. And when you don’t do it in, you do the easy thing, maybe doing the things you don’t want to do because someone else is thinking it’s good for you.

Then you may beat. You will cause you be sadness and depression and you don’t want to go. Never lose yourself. It’s hard to sometimes say, look, you don’t understand what I’m doing, but I’m doing, because that is the reason that you’re doing is what your passion is, your journey. And there is a reason why you’re doing this doing, because otherwise you lose yourself.

I don’t say to you just throw your job away and stop because we all have jobs like you do or something on the side, but never let your dream that even if you do something on the side, Carry on in your spare time, whatever time you have to keep going. If you’re dreaming, don’t give [00:29:00] up because look, if you ask me, tell me what I’m seeing, that you haven’t done any wish you had done outside.

I don’t have, because I’ve done it every time. I don’t have, I still want to treble my shovel many, many countries. So of course I haven’t seen the whole, well, that’s probably some, but I, but I have traveled even with little money with difficulties. I have traveled, I have learnt languages when I didn’t not have money to pay.

For course I waited when opportunity came with free courses, I walked 40 minutes there, 40 minutes. After school. So I could learn the language before even, you know, by the age of 14, my, all my friends were playing. I was learning language because I wanted to, I always fascinated by languages and cultures.

You know, I was dreaming. Looking at glossy magazines in England when I have zero money to come and going to get there. But I was, I could [00:30:00] see myself there. If that’s another thing is subconscious. This was done. Subconsciously looking at something. Manifesting not because I wanted to manifest it was done.

The subconscious is a way more powerful. So all that was like, oh, I could see myself in those magazines. You know, I could see people so happy. And then that is a whole story behind big beef, because there is a difference between magazine in real life. So, but I did, and I will do it again. Like I said, it doesn’t matter how hard it is.

I’ll do it again. So that’s, that’s it, that’s my, my advice. There is a dream never give up or you lose yourself and you don’t want that to happen because then you will be depressed and you will be hard to get out. Find yourself again, once you do. That’s what happened to me? Once I found myself again, I said that state not doing after my stroke.

I said, that’s it. I told [00:31:00] someone, I said, I’m going to love myself. And then I’m done. And I was, something happened in my brain. I’m like, I’m done, I’m gone. I don’t care. I’m still water. Even if I have to work on the side, I’m going to continue my dreams. I’m going to continue writing. Oh, sorry. I was thinking I want to do.

And I think that’s it. Yeah.

Miko Santos: All right. Thank you, Chris. So just chase your dream do it now, now, and if you have a dream, you just do it now. Not because a lot of people are saying, I want to build a business, but I’m working so. There’s no time to just do it. If you want to do it, do it now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday or not in the past

so what, one thing you learn about yourself during this pandemic?

Cris Santos: Creativity is great. We all, not just me. And I [00:32:00] thought I saw the word, doing things in way that we normally don’t do. And I think the online world, it’s probably the future. Anyway, we’ve moved online, even more. We connected online even more before.

It’s amazing. And we are, this pandemic happened now and grateful that we have, we can still connect with people like don’t they here, they have a slogan. They said together, apart, and it’s, we. Start developing. I think we are going towards the online or the new wave in after they fund them to work so well.

And I saw so many business for renting places before said no way works so well online. Let’s do it online. I don’t have to pay rent. We do it online. We do everything. Everyone in their house would set up. They companies that have set up home office employees. home so they can do from that. So they’re there, we’re changing this things [00:33:00] happen.

I think happened for the reason as some, like, we also needed to let the word hue with so many planes outside of there with so many people traveling like the word. I don’t think we need to stop. And. Cause everyone to stop and redefine and create a different ways of work and connecting. I, my online store came on that time.

It was just a year ago, so great. So I just learned that opportunity no, a matter what’s happening in the world and opportunities and how you deal with. Opportunity is we can be quite creative. And I, I heard the other day someone saying it’s about the solution. It’s never about the problems. So this pandemic, if we keep going towards the solution and instead of creating problems, [00:34:00] For the solutions let’s create solutions for problems.

And that’s what I think we all did. And I did, I just like great. I’m alive now made me stop more, stay more folks because now we home folks more. I, he did a whole lot of work was in a way for me. I just, what I see is like this bad things. It’s happened. So make see the good side of it and make the most out of it.

My idea, I said, well, bring it. I have so much to do online. Let’s do it. Did it wrote, organize my shop, blogging everywhere, putting more Instagram posts, whatever I did, and I wasn’t bored one day. Palm thinking, oh no, I had so much to do. So I always say, I actually said that, said that in my blog, I said on my Instagram, look, you, a lot of people got depressed with that.

And I know people who had depression and I said, the now’s the time for you to [00:35:00] do what you’ve always wanted to do. Now you’ll have the time at home doing it. Now you want to start something it’s now because you want to, because they say, oh, I can’t go off the home. I understand it can cause depression.

But if you get out and you start creating and become, write a book, everyone, I know people always want to write a book. You want to learn this? You can then do it online. You want to exist Sizemore, you can do it online. Just make the most of every situation. It’s a bit. Good things can come out of there too.

And I guess, thank you for that.

Miko Santos: So where can our listeners and audience connect with you online?

Cris Santos: Yes. So you signed everything about me on my blog photos by Chris doc on doc magazine the title, but, and also my Instagram photos bycris without the hitch. So C R I S F all my links are there. So once you go there and [00:36:00] you click on my blog, you find all the links and you click also my Instagram of links.

Start down the profile. Thank you, Chris.

Miko Santos: So to our listening audience as well. So Chris, just give us a deal. So you get 30% off, just auspod 30 when you shop tolunabluegirl.com. All right. So thank you Chris, for that.

Cris Santos: Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I love to see that. That’d be great. Thank you.

Miko Santos: All right. Thank you so much.

So see you again to another episode of tribe Podcast under Auspod Syndicate see ya. Bye. Thank you for listening and watching. Make sure to visit our website Australia. Podcasts syndicated that up. Be sure to subscribe. So you’ll be notified when a new episode is posted in apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or Facebook.[00:37:00]

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