27 : Maria Baker, Founder of Nobody’s Princess – Becoming An Entrepreneur

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In this episode, Maria Baker, founder, and director of Nobody’s Princess, tells us the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and overcoming the challenges in a business.

She also tells us the importance of knowing your niche market, starting to create a crowdfunding campaign, the importance of passion in a business, and how we can keep a positive mindset. She also explains she got into making fitting snow pants for women. She also shares her story on how the lockdown affected her business.

In this episode, we discuss these topics with Maria Baker

  • [05:59] Do you need a team to develop a business?
  • [09:25] How to start a crowdfunding campaign
  • [13:15] Importance of knowing your market niche
  • [18:43] Importance of passion in starting a business
  • [23:26] How to keep a positive mindset

About the Guest

Maria Baker is a graphic designer with twelve to thirteen years of experience. She is also the founder and director of Nobody’s Princess, which makes fitting snow pants for women.

She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when she went with her friend snowboarding and loved the sport. She struggled with the clothing and got a business idea. In 2020 she fulfilled the vision.

She also said that the name Nobody’s Princess came from how her husband and mother called her. Maria also said that to start a crowdfunding campaign, you need to research similar campaigns and succeed. She also added that you need to do a lot of networking.

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