#20 Heidi Ricardo – Founder of Roarconfidence, Empowering You to Build Your CONFIDENT MINDSET

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Do you want to teach your brain and empowering you to build your confident mindset and achieve your goals?

In today’s episode, Our guest Heidi Ricardo of Roar Confidence will explain to us and gaining Clarity about what you truly desire in life. 

Through guided meditation, you connect with your greatest vision for your life, then making a commitment to your vision and setting your intention.

Be Courageous! Take the Leap of Faith. Decide what you want and Commit with absolute trust to seeing it to harvest. Make a resolve within yourself, understand Why you want it.

Train your subconscious beliefs with subliminal audio frequency, imbedded with positive affirmations, aligned with your desired belief. Combine with inspired daily action toward your goal with determination, dedication, & a willingness to allow change

In this episode, What We Discuss with  Heidi Ricardo

 06:00 – Gain clarity on your vision entrepreneurs

10:52 –  Have to be passionate about what you doing

13:04 –  How to overcome imposter Syndrome?

22:05 – Why we need a mentor if you are starting up?

27:51 –  You can teach your brain that why you want

About the Guest

Roar Confidence was created by Heidi Ricardo in 2020, during the midst of the turmoil.  As an innovative educator, Heidi saw an opportunity to have a global impact on personal development by taking her passion online and teaching on Zoom.

She aims to empower women to build greater confidence, expand their possibilities in both personal and business pursuits, in self-awareness, higher intelligence, and manifest happiness, success, prosperity, and freedom of choice in all areas of life.

Heidi has spent 26 years dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to become self-determined and to go in pursuit of dreams and achieve personal growth in all areas of life.

Connect with Her


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