#11 Stephen & Donna Fry – Why is important to build relationships

Donna and Stephen Fry

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Why building relationship is good in business?

In this episode, Stephen and Donna Fry of Adelaide Entrepreneur Club tell us their stories of why mentorship is very important while starting up your business.

They also shared their own journey and why They drove 9 hours to meet this couple and after many conversations, they agreed to take Stephen and Donna under their wings and coach and mentor them. This started the desire to change which has led to the 366 day journey of meeting someone new every day.

In this episode, What We Discuss with Stephen and Donna Fry

  • Why better communicate with people is important  [06:41]
  • Why you need to have  good understanding when building up business [14:46]
  • Explores outside of your comfort zone  to grow [19:41]
  • Why clarity is a must in building your business [22:26]

About the Guest

Stephen and Donna went to School together in country South Australia in the late ‘70s/early 80s, but never spoke a word to each other at School. After School, they each went their own way, Stephen moving to Adelaide for University and Donna starting a career in Administration.

They both got married in their early 20s, had four children each and carried on with their lives. In 2012, they started conversing via Facebook Messenger and discovered that they had a similar story of failed marriage. Through conversation they found that they had the same mindset and thinking about a lot of things. They decided to meet and became good friends.

Then in 2015 they got married. At the time of getting married, Stephen and Donna realised that what they were doing in their lives was not going to get them to where they wanted to go, so a change was necessary.

They sought quality mentorship and were introduced to a couple who were successful in all areas of life. In fact, they were living the kind of lifestyle that Stephen and Donna knew they wanted.

They drove 9 hours to meet this couple and after many conversations, they agreed to take Stephen and Donna under their wings and coach and mentor them. This started the desire to change which has led to the 366 day journey of meeting someone new every day.

Connect with them

About the Host

Miko Santos is a Podcaster and founder of Auspod Syndicate and Guerrilla Podcast Syndicate that was formerly based in New Zealand.

At present, he is focused on podcast management and thrives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two kids.


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